Love this very creative artist rendering of our favorite couple.

The immortal words of the narrator of iconic show STAR TREK, “To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before…”  did not actually apply to Kate as she fully participated in COSPLAY while attending Stanford.

Of course, our preeminent sci-fi aficionado par excellence, Richard Castle could not let that pass.  Channeling a past life, he teased Kate unmercifully over her obsession of Nebula-9.  Here is what he thought he looked like if he actually was the lead in a science fiction thriller! 

I would have loved if the intended episode had our lovely couple attending as fans, in costume at the convention. Then we can let the murder begin! I would even be happy with this arrangement below.

But it would have been better if they both played their parts. Maybe in Firefly…

Or perhaps, Castle loses a bet and must dress as the Captain…

In any even, they would be a huge hit at the Halloween party!

Outtake with Gabriel Winters!