Looking back over the history of their partnership, there were times that Beckett truly needed Castle as her backup. And as such, he needed to be armed. Hence, he got to use her backup piece, a Glock 26. So let me present five times ( There might be more, if so let me know, please?) that Beckett provided Castle with her spare gun. In chronological order…


In his version of the story the Feds were being set up and Castle thought Scott Dunn was close but not in the building of the raid that would be blown up. Acting on his instinct, they confront Dunn who has Jordan Shaw captured. Beckett gives Castle her Glock since he was her only backup. The rest, as they say, is history


To make a long story short, Beckett and Castle unraveled the plot and go to arrest Kitty and Earl. What they find is a shop of horrors and a fun house to navigate in their pursuit. For protection, Kate gives Castle her ankle piece leading us to the ending confrontation. Loved Montgomery’s needle to Beckett saying she needed to explain how Castle got her gun.


This one Beckett did not actually give Castle her piece but damn, good thing he found it. Leave it to them to get into a predicament even more daunting than a freezer and dirty bomb!


The saga continues…Castle framed by Jerry Tyson and the charade lead to a lonely bridge where Jerry planned to take everything away from Castle by killing Kate. When that failed he disappearing over the bridge so the he could come back to haunt him again.


A fantasy and nightmare all in one as a drone opens fire on Castle and Beckett as they trespass on Warberg’s property. Castle, reached down to Beckett’s leg to ‘ borrow’ her piece in order to return fire. Too funny was his taking credit for grounding the flying object!


Finally able to exorcise his childhood demon, Castle engages in battle with a hockey masked killer in a barn, locked from the inside. The maniacal predator gets the advantage and we almost have to say farewell to Ricky but Kate slides her gun under the door (how convenient the opening was large enough) so Castle can survive.