FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Caskett: I’d Like You To Be There…

  •  Friday Flashback…. So where were we….


Oh yea, the continuing saga of will they or won’t they.  When we last saw them..


In her eulogy, Kate quotes Roy Montgomery then looks at Castle and says “And if you’re very lucky, you find someone to stand with you. “. Then shots fired, Kate is hit, Castle a second too late…

CASTLE - "Knockout" - Kate Beckett's investigation into her mother's death is reactivated when Hal Lockwood (guest star Max Martini, "The Unit") - a professional hitman with knowledge of Beckett's mother's murder - stages a spectacular escape during a court hearing. As police launch a manhunt for Lockwood, Castle and the team uncover evidence of a deeper conspiracy involving a mysterious figure with law enforcement connections who is linked to both Lockwood's escape and the killing of Johanna Beckett. The search for Lockwood and the quest to identify his co-conspirator leads to a shocking and deadly conclusion, on the Season Finale of "Castle," MONDAY, MAY 16 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/PETER "HOPPER" STONE) NATHAN FILLION, STANA KATIC

Castle hovers over the fallen Beckett “Kate, shh… Kate. Stay with me, Kate. Don’t leave me, please. Stay with me, okay?”. She is terrified, trying to stay conscience, Castle blurts out “Kate, I love you. I love you, Kate.”
imageThe tiniest smile passes over her mouth as she realizes what he’s just said, but she’s in shock and her body can’t handle any more. Her eyes drift closed


Well we KNOW she survived.  Josh still think she is his girlfriend even saying “Well, this bracelet looks good on you. It’s not diamonds, but …”


Castle is invited to visit, Josh is not pleased… Castle is taken aback on how worse for wear she is, then he tells the truth “No. I just never thought I’d see you again. “


Kate is happy to see Castle initially but then sends him away…it could be that she if afraid to acknowledge that he told her he loved her…maybe it was the reliving the scenes with Montgomery… In any case she says:

BECKETT:  Castle, I’m really tired right now.

CASTLE:  Of course. (he moves to leave) Of course. We’ll talk tomorrow.

BECKETT:  Do you mind if we don’t?

Her words stop him.

BECKETT:  I just need a little bit of time.

He forces a smile.

CASTLE: Sure..Sure. How much time?

BECKETT:  I’ll call you, okay?

Her words feel oddly like a break up.

CASTLE:  Sure.


Three months later…. She comes back to work and Espo and Ryan update her on the shooting,,,
RYAN: (hesitates) Didn’t Castle tell you about all this?
ESPOSITO: That’s weird. Why wouldn’t he … why would he hide that from you?
BECKETT: He isn’t hiding anything, I just haven’t seen him in awhile.
ESPOSITO: What, and he left you alone for three months?
BECKETT: You guys, it wasn’t his fault. I told him that I would call.
ESPOSITO: Well, why didn’t you

image Beckett has to swallow her pride and meet up with Castle at a book signing since he has the case files. She approaches him with hopefulness “You can make it out to Kate.”
image Castle finished up the book signing and although he sees Beckett he walks right by her. She asks him to wait and he replies “I did for 3 months”. The both then vent their frustrations ending with Beckett acknowledging her breakup with Josh before storming off. Castle fights with himself before following her


Of course it is swing time. Kate explains herself and gives Castle a glimpse into her persona..

image Castle is still quite perturbed, refusing to look at Kate no matter how hard she wills it…


Beckett finally breaks through saying:
BECKETT: I really, really liked him(Josh). But that wasn’t enough.After my mother was killed, something inside me changed. It’s like I built up this wall inside. And I don’t know, I guess I just didn’t want to hurt like that again. I know I’m not going to be the kind of person that I want to be, I know that I’m not going …

image Her hesitation makes him glance at her.
BECKETT: I’m not going to have the kind of relationship that I want until that wall comes down. And it’s not going to happen until I put this thing to rest.

image They spend a long moment regarding each other until he relents. He wants to stay mad, to protect himself from her, but he can’t.
CASTLE: Then I suppose we’re just going to have to find these guys and take them down.

And one of those walls Beckett has is Castle himself. She knows he told her he loves her. But she also knows his past shenanigans and two broken marriages. Can she trust him fully? Does she love him back? Good thing Dr. Burke is around