Once the pilot got picked up by ABC, it was time to start storytelling.  Traveling back to March 2009, we present to you our heroes first morgue scene hosted by our favorite ME Dr. Lanie Parish. JI am intrigued that the need to ‘cover up’ was soon abandoned after the funny scene we are recalling.  Love Rick here, first complaining about the ‘equipment’ then teasing Beckett toward blushing.

Still love the incredibly witty dialogue from the early seasons that sort of was lost toward the end of their run.

BECKETT: (handing CASTLE a paper gown and a really huge pair of goggles.)  Here, put these on.

CASTLE: Really? I thought cops just stood around the body eating ham sandwiches, cracking jokes. You know, hardcore gallows humor.

LANIE: But what I though you might find really interesting is the fact that she had sex within the hours before her death.

CASTLE: I’ll explain how that works later.
BECKETT: So what’s the evidence of sex?
LANIE: Traces of spermicide. The guy wore a condom.
BECKETT:  Condom?
CASTLE :Boy, it really has been a long time for you, hasn’t it?

And now the video clip!