Flashback Friday: CASTLE, The Man Named Josh, part deux

CASTLE - "Punked" - Castle and Beckett look into the murder of a young mathematician gunned down with a 200-year-old bullet, sparking some wild theories by Castle about a time-travelling killer. When their investigation uncovers a tricked-out DeLorean and a suspect in Victorian clothing, is it possible Castle's crazy idea has some validity? This winding tale twists through the towers of Wall Street and into the world of a secret steampunk society that embraces the romance and simplicity of the past, while coupling it with the hope and promise of the future, on "Castle," MONDAY, OCTOBER 11 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. Victor Webster (as Beckett's new boyfriend), Ken Baumann (as Alexis' first boyfriend) and Eden Riegel (as the sister of the murder victim) guest star in the episode. (ABC/MITCH HADDAD) STANA KATIC, VICTOR WEBSTER, NATHAN FILLION, JON HUERTAS, SEAMUS DEVER

Once again we are comparing Josh to Castle in the second part of season 3.  We can certainly see where the shine has come off the JoshKett relationship.  It’s Friday Flashback!

Season 3.Episode13.


Montgomery kicks Kate off the Ragland murder case and sends her home.  Then tosses Castle to the street also.  Castle has a heart to heart with Martha then goes visits Beckett at her apartment.  Before entering, he asks for Josh but he is in Africa.  Then Castle presents Kate with a bouquet of flowers.

Season 3. Episode 15.


It’s Valentine’s Day and Espo and Ryan discuss what they will do for their girls since they think all women  care.  They ask Beckett if she and Josh have plans.  Kate is non-pulsed and replies “Josh is a surgeon. I’m a cop. In the unlikely event that we have a couple of hours free on Monday night, we might go to dinner.”.   Interesting!


In what was a great ending scene, Castle forlorned that his friend was really a murderer. Beckett truly steps up as a friend: The dialogue

BECKETT: “Show me a hero and I’ll write you a tragedy.” F. Scott Fitzgerald said that.”

CASTLE:  It must’ve been Ernest Hemingway who said, “Man, I sure could use a drink right about now.”

BECKETT:  Lead the way. I’m buying.

CASTLE:   It’s Valentine’s Day. Shouldn’t you be at a nice candlelit restaurant wearing a new dress ordering surf ‘n’ turf?

BECKETT:  I’ve got a couple of hours. You okay?

CASTLE:  Yeah, I’m fine.


I wonder if Kate did go to dinner with Dr. Motorcycle Boy

Season 3. Episode 16.


Kate is texting and calling Josh but failing to connect.  And is pissed. We never saw her like this in her personal life.  Finally she gets a call back and snaps at Ryan.  Next morning Josh is having a hushed argument with Kate at her desk.  She is annoyed at how much he is gone.  Josh is miffed when he sees Castle, his quote when seeing him “that helps!”.  He kisses her on the forehead on leaves.  Then she grabs her coffee angrily and snaps at Castle.  Trouble brewing in paradise

imageTrying to get CAstor off his doomsday story while they are in isolation, Beckett suggests they talk about ANYTHING else so Castle asks about Josh.  Kate bears her soul about their relationship.

Season 3 Episode 17.


After Ryan and Espo find them in the freezer, Josh just happens to be the doctor in the ambulance.  Castle asks what does it mean that Josh was there and Kate says “It means we have a chance”. It is not what Castle wanted to hear.


At longingly watching Castle leave, looking over Josh’s shoulder, Kate relents and accepts his embrace.  Too little too late?

Season 3. Episode18.


The case wrapped, the boys looking to go to their new favorite watering hole.  Beckett calls out that she will be right behind joining them.  Castle gives Kate a present, a signed photo of the Soap.  Kate gives Castle a peek into her past.  They share a moment before a call from Josh breaks it.  Kate hesitates to wear, seemingly wanting Castle to stay but Rick excuses himself leaving Kate to have a private conversation.  The question is, did Kate join the boys at the Old Haunt?

Season 3. Episode 19

imageEnd of another long case and Beckett looking to unwind.  Castle asks Kate if she had plans with Josh.  Once again, he is not available, he’s on shift.  Win for Castle, even if he played dumb.  Interesting that this is the last Josh is mentioned until the season finale

Season 3. Episode24.


Castle come to Kate’s apartment to ask her to walk away from the case. He pleads “They’re going to kill you, Kate. And if you don’t care about that, at least think about how that’s going to affect the people that love you. You really want to put your dad through that? And what about Josh?”. Her retort is, “and what about you Rick?”


I find it interesting that in the second half, Castle asks about Josh so much.  It is almost as if Kate is done with the relationship but hadn’t made the time or effort to officially end it.


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