Or is it FRIDAY FLASHBACK?  In any regard, one of my favorite parts of early Castle were the card games.  In the same genius as publishing actual NIKKI HEAT books, having card games with famous mystery writers and high ranking political officials gave Ricky street cred so to speak.  It backed up his bravado to his new found co-workers who were already in awe of the ruggedly handsome writer.  Here are my favorite scenes:


SEASON 1 EPISODE 1: Flowers For Your Grave



Right from the beginning the card game is used to prove how famous Richard Castle is.  He must be if he is cavorting with Cannell and Patterson, right?  Plus this is the most formal setting for the showdown.





How much fun was this episode? I loved the swordplay between Beckett and Castle over who had the better poker skills. Beckett wanted in for the mystery writers game but had to settle for a game among friends.  Beckett feeling cocky after the first two cards goes all in but the flop puts Castle in the winners circle only for chivalry to champion, folding so Beckett wins in front of her colleagues.  But there is more!




Beckett wants a rematch at the the mystery writers game but had to settle for the political game featuring the mayor, police Comissioner, her favorite judge and Castle.  Hey we’re rooting hard for her to school Castle but she saved his pride by folding the winning hand, returning the favor ( After Martha ratted out Castle).




Leading to the rubber match where the stakes were at an all time high, GUMMY BEARS,!


SEASON 2 EPISIDE 1:  Deep in Death



Great way to kick off season 2.  Castle uses his poker writer buddies to theorize about the drug mule case, hoping to get Intel on the secret Russian Mafia poker games.  The guys call out Castle seeing thru him, knowing he must really care for her.  In the end, Stephen Cannell gives Rick the place he is looking for.


SEASON 2 EPISODE 24 : A Deadly Game



Season finale and we get a card game!  This time Rick is troubled by a case he can’t figure out and having to cope to defeat, losing Beckett to the charms of Robbery Detective Tom Demming.  During the card game, the boys steer Castle towards looking at the case differently, but also admonishing him.  Love Patterson here:

“Personally, I’d spend more time writing and less time hanging out with your cop friend. I mean, really, Ricky. Just one book a year?

She seems like more of a distraction than a muse.”


Do they hit the nail on the head or what?  


SEASON 3 EPISODE 21 :  The Dead Pool



So season three really puts the screws to Castle.  Stuck with Gina thinking he lost to Demming only to then find out Kate upgraded to Dr. Motorcycle Boy.  If that was not bad enough, a young writer Castle mentors tries to steal Beckett away as his muse.  Jealous over Kate seeing him several consecutive days, Rick invited him to the writers card game where they mercilessly haze him.  This would be the last of these games in the series


SEASON 6 EPISODE 21 :  Law and Boarder



But it not the last poker challenge!  After beating writer boy twice in scrabble, Kate tries to ease his agony of defeat by challenging Castle to strip poker where there are no losers!

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