As those who have followed these pages over the last couple of years know that I am a convert to CASTLEISM.  For the record, here is the definition of CASTLEOCISM 

the faith, practice, and viewing order of the Television Show Castle. Strict adherence to the forms of Castilian doctrine and practice which are generally regarded as CASTLEOTIC or CASKETT rather than Protestant or Eastern Orthodox.  


In short, my intro to the show came in bits and pieces when my wife caught an episode on TNT.  In fact, my first recollection was the season six ending where they were hunting Rogan 😄.  When the show flipped over to season 1, I started watching (and recording) in earnest.


So today’s flashback is to the exact moment(s) I got hooked, suckered in with no escape.  It was actually two scenes and I never looked back!

What struck me most and caught my attention was the witty repartee between the characters.  I am a true sucker to well written dialogue and that is  what made CASTLE so great!

For example:

BECKETT:  No signs of struggle. He knew her.

LANIE PARISH:  He even bought her flowers. Who says romance is dead?

BECKETT:  I do, every Saturday night.

LANIE:  Well, lipstick wouldn’t hurt. (off Beckett’s look) I’m just sayin’…

BECKETT:  So what did he give her besides roses?

LANIE:  Two shots to the chest. Small calibre.


 Then we get the other half of the stardom and I just marked out over the wit displayed by Alexis, coyly busting her old man’s chops!


CASTLE:  It’s just like these parties – they’ve become so predictable. ‘I’m your biggest fan!’ ‘ Where do you get your ideas?’

ALEXIS:  And the ever popular, ‘Will you sign my “chest?”‘.

CASTLE:  That one I don’t mind so much.

ALEXIS:  Yeah, well, FYI, I do.

CASTLE:  Just once I’d like someone to come up to me and say something new.

BECKETT:  Mr. Castle?

CASTLE: (Takes out his pen) Where would you like it?

BECKETT:  Detective Kate Beckett, NYPD. We need to ask you a few questions about a murder that took place earlier tonight.

ALEXIS:  That’s new.

 And the rest, they say, is history!

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  1. Peg says:

    Those are two really good scenes John. I can watch seasons 1-5 over and over. 6 and 7 are good, but I can’t handle
    Season 8 at all. The writing noticeablly changed the last couple of seasons. It was hard to watch. As you said, the early dialogue was so wonderful. It never seemed staged although I realize it definitely was. That’s what actors do.

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