On our FLASHBACK FRIDAY, let’s rewind to season 1 episode 2 named NANNIE McDEAD when in order to shadow detective Kate Beckett, Castle has to sign many waivers.  The poor lawyer who is just trying to do his job while putting up with Castle’s antics.  Kudos to the genus who put together these scene photo’s

So being the wiseass (not jackass as he ally noted himself) he really gets quite cavalier about this to the point Kate gets a bit exasperated and Kate threatens to shoot the nine year old on a sugar rush!  

The icing on the cake is Kate gets the last jab in here after answering her cell for a fresh one! Relive it here with this clip!

The three amigos get to the crime scene sans Castle and we get the preliminary diagnosis…

But of course Rick somehow weasels out and meets them upstairs and away we go!

In any case, you’re right , my bad!