Ten years ago, in episode 51 in the life of CASTLE, the storyline reaches it first intersection in the dynamics of our leading characters. More specifically, our lively detective is struggling with her love life. So far we have seen her rekindling so sparks with Special Agent William Sorenson whom she shared six months with. Next a handsome robbery sleuth garnered her attention for a brief time. Now in season three, a super hero doctor is her choice. But it is not all Wine and Roses. We see cracks developing in their relationship. It seems to be the time for Kate to figure out it Josh aka DMB is her future or risk it for a ruggedly handsome author whom she shared a clandestine kiss in conjunction with a case. What will happen?

In the previous episode, Beckett shares something personal with Castle which is simply music to his ears.

As the case progresses, the rift between Josh and Kate deepens, she checks incessantly for a message from him, a call, anything. Finally he shows up at the precinct much to the dismay of Castle.

Nothing brings out you latent feelings for someone than to be freezing to death. Kate almost tells Rick how she feels…

Now the twist in the story! The thing that Kate & Josh bickered over reversed itself as DMB saw the light and stays home deferring to her wishes to be around for him. Lucky too, as he got to participate in their rescue! As the scene plays out, we see Castle more concerned for Kate’s well being than his own just to find Kate now sees hope in her personal relationship.

Yet, as the case unfolds and rollercoasters to its conclusion, Kate finds her feelings for Castle a bit deeper than she intended or is comfortable with. Yet she is at ease as they celebrate. But, after it is all said and done, after she waited with baited breath for Castle’s invitation for after the impromptu party, fate interceded as it is Josh she across the comfort from, embracing him tightly as Castle is left defeated, wondering “IF ONLY”

So, there you have it, our first crossroads in the storyline of Kate and Rick. Fifty episodes in and we are all slack jawed at what happened. Now, luckily, we had another 120+ episodes to right that mis-step 😝😝😝😝