Let’s begin the week with a few stray thoughts that permeate thru my brain as the week’s meld into one.   Sometimes I go to my favorite imaginary place and lose myself in the greatest show no longer on TV.  

One thing that keeps niggling at my gray matter is:  Were there really 140 out of work brunette actresses at the time of auditions for Castle?  And if so, how come none of the names have leaked or and I just that bad searching the internet.  I mean, a simple scan shows these four between jobs at that time.  I would just like to know who was the competition.

The pilot was shot in NYC but ran only 37 minutes meaning they added to it once ABC picked it up as a miscseason replacement.  Interestingly, not only did they re-shoot 10 minutes of previously canned footage, the character Kevin Ryan did not debut until the finished shooting the pilot on LA.  

One last note from the pilot (yes I recently watched the DVD and not TNT).  Monet Mazur is listed as starring in the show yet Tamala Jones, Jon Huertas and Shemas Dever were guest stars.  Initially Gina was supposed to be a weekly feature and Lanie only a sporadic character.  The chemistry between Stana and Tamala has Marlowe rethink his storyline progressions.  Dever was added to be Esposito’s partner once they saw how awesome Stana and Nathan were together and did not want Javier to be a constant third wheel.

As for Gina, we do see her prominent in the opening of the pilot but subsequent scenes were cut.  But what interested me was in the pilot and again is season 2, Gina went by the surname of Griffin.  Then when she shows up with the Taylor Swift tickets she is now Gina Cowell.  Did she get remarried and divorced after Castle and did she go back to her maiden name?  In the immortal words of Rick Castle “It make for a better story”.  

Speaking of stories, was it lazy writing or an intentional usage of the name Ashley?  Alexis has a friend named Ashley who has been on the JV (2×16) cheerleading squad for two years. Alexis considers trying out for the squad (which freaks Castle out) but decides not to because it conflicts with too many of her other activities.  Then in season 3, Alexis asks Castle if her friend Ashley can come over and lo and behold, it’s a He!  Alexis’s first serious boyfriend!  So, did Alexis purposely mislead daddy to think it was her cheerleader friend?  

Lastly, season 4 premier, we see Smith’s file contains a picture of Halstead and he doesn’t call Castle till after Beckett goes ballistic on the guy, so her suspicion that the investigator was paid to doctor the report may have been correct. It’s likely that Halstead called either the Dragon or Smith to warn them that Beckett was sniffing around again.