Like many Castlemaniacs, I am working my way through the DVD’s, enjoying the show once more. I am up to episode 9 of season 4 and a few things made me scratch my head. For instance


Watch closely, maybe it is my eyes playing tricks, but I thought I saw someone who has an integral role in the season. Here is the clip:

If you agree with me, great. However, it makes sense that he is at the hospital. Prior to this scene, he got the ‘ care package ‘ from Roy Montgomery, putting Beckett’s Life in his hands. He must have wanted to assess the situation for himself.


Is this a layer of the Beckett onion being peeled? Did Kate inadvertently reveal something about her past, perhaps her wild child phase? But in my humble opinion, the reaction on Castle’s face tells me he is intrigued by her knowledge of the said party. How he did not do a follow up on this is crazy.

HEAD CASE (part deux)

What intrigues me most is, although Kate says her mom was a lawyer, she never tells us Jim’s profession. In the deleted scene from KNOCKDOWN, Jim confesses to Castle that he and JoHanna were colleagues whose romance was a ‘slow burn’. We just all assumed he also practiced law.


Castle and Martha discuss the last time Martha set him up with a woman. Based on the conversation, the fact that Castle married the woman in question, it was either Gina or Meredith.

My bet it was Meredith since she was an actress and likely crossed paths with Martha. They also seemed to be very similar in personalities. Gina, I would guess, met Castle at BLACK PAWN and, like Castle himself said, seemed more a business arrangement and a marriage if convenience especially with a daughter approaching puberty. Not very likely Martha and Gina ran in the same social circles. So Meredith is the choice by default.