It’s Monday so my mind goes into that weird zone where I think silly thoughts.  So here I present to you one offbeat idea from each CASTLE season.  I hope you enjoy!  


When Roy called in Castle, he said it was to piss off the Feds.  Or, did he do it to stick it to Sorenson for leaving his pseudo daughter Beckett to go to Boston?

When Kate and Dekker went to dinner at Drago was she supposed to pay for the date?   Is Drago really an alias for Spago the Wolfgang Puck eatery in LA or are they referring to the City of Angels Italian restaurant operated by the Drago brothers?  Either way both are very expensive and a lot of coin to drop on a setup date.

Would need an expert law opinion but if Castle owned the Old Haunt and the rare Scotch was in his place, wouldn’t the “evidence” be returned to its owner, ie Castle?  Also did the D.A. LOU KARNACKI buy his bottle of vintage scotch at the price Castle paid or did it conveniently go missing into his desk?  

So in season 4, Beckett and Castle investigate a murder on the set of The Night of Dance a clear rip off of Dancing With The Stars.  Since both shows were owned by ABC how cool would it have been to have both Rick and Kate as contestants for real?  Some serious cross promotion would have us all mark out for it especially since both aired on the same night!  After all we know the can dance!

What would it do to Castle if, while investigating Beau Randolph, finds the promotional posters for the next Girls Gone Crazy and one young lady featured is Alexis in her Supernova Con costume Havakura?

In the season six ending episode, wouldn’t Kate have to be present to get the license?  Also, if all the NYC bigwigs were to be in attendance at the wedding, couldn’t they just finalize the paperwork there?  I thought Castle had some major pull?

What should have happened in Bad Santa is that Kate, when canvassing the hospital about the Eric Mercer, has to interrogate Josh Davidson, aka DMB.  OH HOW AWKWARD?

Castle is entertaining VASILIY ZHIROV as per Beckett’s bribe, Vaesiliy, being a big Nikki Heat fan, sees on page 6 that Castle has a new lingerie model Svetlana.  Castle says that ended so Vasiliy pushes Castle to set him up with her.