This week let’s wrap up Christmas with some idle thoughts about the holidays. So it’s time to play our favorite game called, WHAT IF. We know about two of the years, but what about the others? Let’s see if we can fill in some of those blanks 😝😝😝


Tis the season of DMB. We know they were somewhat serious after ANATOMY OF A MURDERER. So is it much if a stretch to think of them celebrating Christmas together. Of course, that is, as Beckett might have said “Josh is a surgeon. I’m a cop. In the unlikely event that we have a couple of hours free on Christmas night, we might exchange gifts.k


At this point in the story arc, Beckett and Castle were getting along famously, even surviving being CUFFED together for a long stretch. You got to believe that Castle would have badgered her to come over for the holiday. If that were the case, all that nonsense about ‘her tradition’ would have been out in the open making season 5 SECRET SANTA more a true boyfriend-girlfriend like. In fact, that soliloquy would have made far more sense coming after the speech at the swings about the wall and no relationship until she got justice for her mom


Now that they are engaged, there should have been a plot revolving around both families, focusing on Jim re-entering the Christmas season, even if it be at the upstate cabin.


I wonder if Castle and Beckett exchanged gifts in subsequent Christmases? I mean Kate said no gifts for their first year together but then they deprived us of seeing how Castle could screw it up. Or a Hallmark moment where they truly understood each other so well that the gifts were so perfect we would almost cry. Still bet of a Castle Catastrophe. And while we’re at it, how is it possible that Castle does not have a New Year’s Eve party? Heck, they could have done a Harry met Sally ending. Now that woulda been cool.