Working my way through season 4 once again and two thoughts came to mind. Two episodes that I usually pay very little attention grabbed me this time for one particular reason. Both feature an arch nemesis of Beckett and Castle. The subtle ways the are incorporated into the weekly murder drives the story arc further making us give thought to what might be in store next. So here, I present to you these episodes to support my musings.


As the announcer is keen to say, previously on CASTLE…

Jerry fades into the night not to be heard of or mentioned for a virtual year. But, dropping a nice caveat into the story of a Chinese mobster becoming fenemies with 3XK reminded us he was still lurking in the background. Bringing in the shadow of the Triple Killer just makes you wonder how he might insinuate himself into the future of Beckett and Castle. Excellent tease!

And employing the new math 2+2=3XY…


Initially, to me, this was a throwaway episode, one stuck in between two story arcs, segueing from the first half of the season to the second part. But, it becomes a pivotal episode because of the appearance of Mr. Smith who not only moves the storyline forward, but provides essential reasoning as to why things are happening in regard to pursuit of JoHanna’s death. Let’s take a look at the vital scenes to highlight my point.

Castle and the Mayor are pivotal players in the safety of Kate Beckett and it falls to Castle to enact the day to day protection. Mr. Smith reminds Castle of this sacred and vital duty.

Then, since the case resolved unsatisfactorily, Castle meets with Smith so we could understand.