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I just finished re-watching season these and the first two shows of season 4. Not sure why, but some things stood out, especially the KNOCKOUT-RISE combo that made me go, hmmmmmm. So lemmme share my thoughts on this Monday and see if you agree or disagree.


Point of history, Kate was disgruntled with Josh and looking to leave him. At the end of COUNTDOWN, although nestled within Josh’s arms, she looks longingly toward Castle. But then at the end of ONE LIFE TO LOSE she doesn’t seem to mind Josh calling, sounding kinda welcoming. Then fast forward to the hospital where Josh calls her his girlfriend, then later whispering sweet nothings about diamond bracelets. So, I would assume they, as Kate said “It means we have a chance“


Ok, so when did Josh find out about JoHanna and her murder? Did Kate tell Josh? Did she feel comfortable enough in their relationship that she confided in him? Does that mean he knows the meaning of the watch and necklace? Did he stay around now so that she could feel a connection between them to bare her innermost secrets? Because evidently, Josh was now up to speed on the backstory of one Kate Beckett.


So how did they get from snuggly to broken up? Kate tells Castle to leave and wait for her. Did she know then she would dump DMB? Did he get overbearing during recovery? I wish we got some nugget of information to give us closure to that relationship.


Ok, I gotta ask, what the hell is this place? I blame the creative team for cheapening out on the set. This looks like the emergency room, not the ICU unit. Guards at the door to a wide open room with curtained off areas? Really? In every hospital ever was in had individual rooms, with real walls, for the ICU ward. Then again, Couldn’t the golden boy, Dr Davidson do better for his “girlfriend?” And how come Castle drops money left and right but doesn’t exercise his “ influence” to get her upgraded? Come on, even I don’t buy it! And if you say she was moved, it would have been to a room with at most, one other bed, not a dozen makeshift slots for gurneys.

NOTE: From PJB, “One thing that bothers me in that scene is that I never have been able to visit an ICU and bring flowers, let alone the collection Kate has. Those are reserved for private or semi-private rooms.

Then, I go back to A DEATH IN THE FAMILY and check out the primo accommodations afforded Jimmy “ The Rat” Moran and Will Sorenson! Now tell me that they didn’t drop the ball on the hospital scene?

Ok, rant over 😜😜😜😜