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This installment of Monday Musings I will delve into several season eight episodes that contained a scene or two that hurt the overall greatness of that installment. These were among the best of the season but the show runners and thus the writers included one (or more) interaction that just made me shake my head, roll my eyes and yell at the TV screen. So let the debate begin :


We never did get a classic coffee at a  crime scene in season 8.

Episode 2


A certain no brainer. We get the assassins arrested and Kate allowed to bask in her glory being the new captain. Castle was so proud of his Kate. The precinct cheered her on. She was on top of her world. Then Rita steps out of the shadows and deals Kate a crushing blow. Why they would have Kate question everything she fought so hard to put behind her, Braken, her mom’s murder, the PTDS, fighting for the love of her life, mostly against herself just to toss it away on a conspiracy theory. Not to mention these characters were new (including Vikram) to her and therefore no trust had been established. But the writers decided that Kate should toss seven years away for a brief encounter with a CIA operative and a low level FBI analyst. This after all the hell they were through, just check out all the season finales leading into season 8. I just believe that Marlowe-Miller would have them fighting LokSat together and make it captivating


Episode 8

We finally got the needed confrontation between Castle and Beckett over their separation and her blind chase of LokSat. They were actually making progress in their relationship, having actually enjoyed investigating a crime scene together.  But that only lead to dueling hackers and the nuking of Castle’s system and possibly the marriage.  That lead to their verbal brawl in the captain’s office, Kate decided to return to Castle albeit in secret. The fans cheered! But the Castle says he had to punish her! WTF (why the face?). Really? Both have been through hell already this season but Rick says that? Even kidding? Then the geniuses have Kate reply “naked punishment?” Up to the ending I thought this was a very good episode that built on the Last Seduction

but no, the writers and show runners equating sex with romance and passion destroyed what should have been a terrific ending to send us into Christmas.  The ending could have been handled so much better.


Episode 15

This was promoted as the ultimate Kate episode. She goes back to her roots at the academy where she was a superstar to investigate a murder. Here we see Kate in all her police ass kicking glory. I was great to see her utilize all we come to know her for in the previous seasons. But yet, somehow, Kate had to endure some embarrassing moments early, having to crawl away from Martha while being in the loft in secret in what looked more demeaning than I a college walk of shame at a frat house. Then when Castle fesses up about knowing about LokSat, her big scene is telling Castle she to “process” it. Then sneaking back to the loft the same way she got out, her “processing” took the form of Irish intervention. Brilliant! Especially when she continues to wear the watch of her father symbolizing the life she saved from alcoholism”. So what do we get, a hard drinking Kate who needs scotch to make her peace with her husband. Then she contemplates leaving him? Again? Instead of a great episode featuring a heroine Kate, a mentor Kate, a role model Kate, TPTB (The Powers That Be) could not let her have that. They had to puncuate character flaws that were not there and should never be there.


Episode 9

Coming off a longer than normal winter hiatus, the opening has Kate and Castle enjoying a special lunch. Intertwined with many sexual innuendos and the requisite LokSat mention, Kate promises to let Castle in when the time is right. Yep, made no sense to me either. How Vikram is an insider to Kate secret world but her husband is kept in the dark, yup, kinda makes the previous seasons worthless when they shared clandestine murder boards and theories. But the real reason this makes my list is their public personas. It was bad enough that they had Beckett publically yell and slap Castle, but when RyEspo challenge the reason for the breakup, they believe he is cheating on their Captain. Castle adored Kate and once committed to her, was incapable of cheating on his beloved Beckett. How could RyEspo even think he could betray her after watching him try to win her back all season.  I think it hit a little too close to home for Castle, or at least it should have.  After all, Meredith cheated on Castle soon after Alexis was born resulting with Castle being a single father at a very young age. It was tasteless when they teased Beckett cheating on Castle in season 5 with Eric Vaughn and they were only dating! But to have Beckett allowing everyone think he was a cheater was a stab to her personal character which up to season eight was impeccable. The the cherry on top (and not in a hood way) was Beckett cavalierly announcing she was going on a hot date too. So unlike Kate who is loyal to a fault especially when it came to Castle.

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