MONDAY MUSINGS: Final Scorecard.


Now that the season and series is over, here is the final scorecard from five different opinions.  The ratings are somewhat diverse so that is good.  So these are presented as the top five for each critic and then the final scorecard.  Ok here we go!

IMDb Top Five

image The Blame Game. 8.6.
XY                           8.5
Heartbreakers.      8.4.
The Nose               8.4
Three tied at.         8.3


Interesting that IMDb had Crossfire, the series finale as one of their episodes tied at 8.3.  Witness for the Prosecution and Last Seduction were the other two.  I was surprised that the Kate-centric episode 15 did not rate as well.  Just as surprising was they liked PhDead more than everyone else. 

SSS Top Five

Heartbreakers.               9.1.
Death Wish.                    9.0.
The Blame Game.          8.9.
XY                                    8.8


We here at SSS (SmallScreenSmackdown) loved the middle part of the season until the Hayley featured show where all logic and integrity were swept under the rug.  Actually let me backtrack, GDS was a disappointment also,  Beckett having a chance to shine (with the only slip being the Irish intervention) at the academy was awesome and worthy of the top spot.  Dead Red and Witness for the Prosecution were very close to top 5 material.  On the down side, WTF (Why The Face) was Cool Boys and Hell To Pay? Simply awful.

TvFanatics Top Five



Witness For The Prosecution.  9.2

XY                                               9.0.
The Last Seduction.                  9.0.
Death Wish.                               9.0.
Three tied at.                             8.8.


The editors over at TvFanatics seemed to grasp the excellence of episode 10.  Caleb Brown shined in this one and  the interactions of Caskett and RyEspo harkened back to earlier seasons.  Nice to see Chinese food make an encore.  They also liked the premier episode and Last Seduction a lot.  Dead Red, Heartbreakers and And Justice For All were there ffifth place entries.  They also seemed to like XY more than the average bear.  The Fanatical ones were dead on with their duds too!

FanBase Top Five

Witness For The. Prosecution. 9.2
Death Wish.                                9.2
The Nose                                    9.0.
Heartbreakers.                           9.0.
Dead Again.                                9.0


Not surprising the Fan base linked to TvFanatics also liked Witness best. The only other top four was Death Wish.  The fans liked The Nose a lot and rightfully so as it was the best episode of the fall season.  Boy, with the way they graded, I wish they taught me in school!  On the flip side, when they hated a show they REALLY despised  it, just check Cool Boy, XZ, Backstabbers for  few examples! 


Tv.Com Top Five

Heartbreakers.                         8.8
The Nose                                   8.5
Tone Death.                               8.5
Witness For The Prosecution. 8.3
Hell To Pay.                                8.3
Cool Boys                                  8.3


For balance I incorporated Tv.Com ratings into this.  It proved interesting as you can see by their top six (with a tie at 5).  The top two I can argue for and understand the love given them, but Tone  Death, Hell To Pay and Cool Boys?  Really?  On the other foot, XX was their lowest rated show. And nothing even close to the basement as PhDead was five-tenths higher overall.  I mean I hated the ending of XY also but worst show of the season? No way! 

Full Scorecard


SHOW               IMDB. SSS Tvfanatic. Fanbase. Tv.Com.
XY                           8.5      8.8.      9.0.         8.6.       8.0
XX                            7.3      8.5.      8.0.         6.8.      7.1
PhDead                   7.8.     7.5.      7.4.         7.2        7.6
What Lie Beneath   7.6      7.4.      8.6.        7.2.       8.0
The Nose                 8.4      8.6.      8.6.        9.0.       8.5
Cool Boys               8.2       7.0.      6.6.        6.4.       8.3
The Last Seduction. 8.3.    8.7.      9.0.       8.8.       8.2
Mr.&Mrs. Castle.     8.0      8.5.       8.0.       8.2.       7.9
SHOW.                 IMDB. SSS. Tvfanatic. Fanbase. Tv.Com

Tone Death.            8.1     8.1.       7.8.         7.6.          8.5
Witness For The
Prosecution.           8.3      8.5.       9.2         9.2.         8.3
Dead Red.               8.2      8.6.       8.8.        8.0.         8.1
The Blame Game.   8.6.     8.9.      9.0.        8.8.         8.2
And Justice For All. 7.8.    8.3.      8.8.        8.0.         8.1
G.D.S.                       8.0.     7.2.      8.4.       8.2.         8.2

SHOW.                         IMDB. SSS Tvfanatic. Fanbase.

FIDELES-ad-MORTEM. 8.0.   9.2.      7.8.          8.8          8.1
Heartbreakers.               8.4.    9.1.     8.8.          9.0.         8.8
Death Wish.                    7.9.    9.0.     9.0.          9.2          8.2
BACKSTABBERS.          7.6.    6.8.     6.6.          7.6.         8.2
Dead Again.                   8.2     8.0.     8.0.          9.0          8.2
Much Ado About Murder. 7.8. 7.7.    8.0           8.4          7.9
Hell To Pay.                     8.2.    7.7     8.2.          5.8          8.3
Crossfire.                        8.3.    7.5.     8.6.         8.0          8.1


We are working on the year end awards, the ROOKS in honor of Jameson Rook and the NUGGY (aka VIKRAM’s).  If there is a category you would like represented, please send in a comment!


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