Welcome to our new week and a new month!  With that, let my ranting begin?


In season 1, HOME IS WHERE THE HEART STOPS,  did anyone think it slightly unbelievable when our bump key maker Even Mitchell uttered this line? “They never get the details right. Not in books, movies. They always write us as clowns and thugs. They never stop to think that maybe we got mortgages, families…”

I mean, in every bad guy movie they pay cash and put cars and houses in the mother-in-laws name.  I mean, how does the even fill out a mortgage application.  How can he prove income? Maybe I have seen Goodfellas and Godfather too many tinned no to know, never leave a paper trail!


Season 2, who else wanted to Gibbs Castle when he began his flirtation with Ellie Monroe.  A “Gibbs” is when Jethro, of NCIS fame, would smack the back of DiNozzo’s head when he did something stupid. Food those who don’t know here is GIF…

 I mean, REALLY? He had Kate as a houseguest, they even got closer, became very good friends to the point that in the next episode Beckett is playing pranks on him and appreciating his arse.  Geez, he certainly was dense here!


So we meet DMB aka Dr. Joshua Davidson in “PUNKED” then while investigating the murder of a doctor they are wandering down the halls of the hospital employing him,  he is spoked about glowingly by our beautiful detective with whom he enjoys an intimate relationship.  Castle was being a jerk to her here and I wished that Kate bumped into Josh she affectionately kissed him to the point Castle became uncomfortable.  Of course the popular opinion would have Kate caught DMB cheating, since they want Kate with Rick.


DIAL M FOR MAYOR, Weldon takes his mud raking most calmly than one would suspect.  He says he would not play ball so he will not become governor or senator.  My question is “what did he know that he would not play ball?”  And ending the episode with Smith it suggests it involves JoHanna’s murder.  What is he keeping secret?  Might have given us a really great plot twist!


So now that CASKETT are together, who else enjoyed Kate squirming when getting teased by Ryan and Espo about Castle going out with Kristina Cottera.  Boy did Beckett bolt out of the precinct to protect her man!  Of course Castle could have done a better job of fending of the letcherous  celebrity reporter!

So there you have it, so fun thought over the course of the adventure known as Castle.  Hope you enjoy!