Today I let my mind wander off to the Castle series run and to pick one random musing for each season.  As always, my mind is a strange place so hope you enjoy these pickings!


Okay, they seemed to enjoy themselves. Seems like they enjoyed themselves often and in many unique places. Which I have to ask, if it was so good why did Meredith cheat? Was it as simple as her utilizing the casting couch for her own gains?


I love the uniqueness of this death, however, as we see below Lanie kind of foreshadows it in the dialogue below:

LANIE:  He’s not even my first death by fallen object this month. Two weeks ago, an investment banker took a frozen sausage to the head from a tenth-floor window ledge. 

Three episodes later, Balthazar Wolf. meets his doom thru liquid nitrogen that freezes on contact.  Loved that his hand shatters on the floor. Only problem I see is that LANIE should have been the ME. This installment was screaming for LANIE, not just for this scene but to interject her ‘wisdom’ into the dynamic of Maddie & Kate. Not to mention the teasing over her dinner with Demming


Kate gets her helmet, did she ride her bike to Work? Did they leave on separate motorcycles or did she hang onto DMB.  Not like her to take the back seat so to speak.   I wonder how often Kate did take that mode of transportation.  As the show progresses, she arrives at murder scenes in the Crown Vic at all hours of the day and night so I would guess it was not likely she rode often so this must have been a planned date so to speak.  Would have liked a Castle quip or innuendo regarding protection (helmet).  The scene was dying for one.


Murder at an art gallery.  Second episode featuring art.  Kate seemed comfortable in this environment and could not resist teasing Castle of his narrow minded view of art.  Then she steps up her game big time!

BECKETT:  No. The closest I came to taking an art class was posing for one, as a model. CASTLE:  Wait .. .posing in…? BECKETT:  Not a stitch.  

Seeing Castle’s jaw drop was priceless, so I wondered what Castle did with his new found information.  It would have been awesome if he “investigated” and perhaps tracked down the artist and purchased the painting.  Could have been really a fun scene or two between CASKETT.

Now, pair that possibility with Tom Demming being called as a consultant to the robbery aspect. How embarrassing would it be if Demming was the one to recover the Beckett nude?


The Final Frontier opens at a Supernova con and Castle has a table and is signing his graphic novel STORM SEASON.  Now how cool would have it been if Rick wore his Malcolm Reynolds costume?  Or perhaps, he is still in his get-up when Kate pulls her prank?


The show DEEP COVER brings back Jackson Hunt for an interesting caper.  The dead body shows up but as Castle and Beckett deduce the murder occurred at Coney Island.  Now for me, I would have loved for CASKETT to have to have ridden the rollercoaster and Ferris wheel to gather clues and vital evidence.  How much fun would their interplay be? Hey, maybe Rick could win Kate a bear?

In BAD SANTA a ER room doctor is gunned down by the jolly old elf contracted by the mob.  Now, if it were me, as this is several years after the big breakup with the assumption of no contact between them, how awesome would it be if when Beckett went to interview co-workers at the hospital that one she has to speak to is DMB Dr. Josh Davidson with her husband, Rick Castle, in tow!t



Murder and Mayhem reign in the episode titles MR. and MRS. CASTLE.  Beckett and Castle are back investigating together albeit by accident, forced by Castle’s intrusion.  Deciding that divide and conquer was their best option to nail the perp, Castle gets involved in a song and dance routine practice.  Now, stop me if I’m wrong but how much fun would it be to find MARTHA directing the cruise’s show and having to deal with Rick as one of her cast?  My humble opinion says it would be so much better that the crap served up between Slaughter and Castle in episode 6?