MONDAY MUSINGS: Needed Another Appearance


Today I wanted to touch on something I wish happened on Castle, namely, a pop up of an unexpected guest star to really put a creative spin on the show.  With that in mind I offer you a six pack of characters who easily could have been inserted in a number of scripts and plot lines we saw over the eight seasons.  We will take them in chronological order.




I saw one or two opportunities for the square jawed FEEB, season six he could have been working the kidnapping case of “Cosmo” before the driver recaptured him and handed him over to the priest.  Will could have tossed a monkey wrench into the case, not to mention the faux pas chances not knowing Kate and Rick were engaged while trying to win her back from the writer monkey!



 Who doesn’t love Dana Delaney?  As a profiler with the FBI, Jordan could fit in a couple of spots.  The issue is, although she would have enhanced Setup/Countdown or Pandora/Linchpin or even Target/Hunt, the best time to employ her would have been in season seven for Resurrection/Reckoning.  To me it made person sense to help get Beckett back just like she went after Ben Conrad in season two



 Re-watching the episode “Eye of the Beholder” kind of made me wish Demming was called to assist from a robbery perspective.  We could have a the unique love-quad, Demming pursuing Beckett,  Serena Kaye pursuing both Castle and Demming, Beckett still trying to gather her feelings about Castle, Castle having to choose between a sure lay and waiting for his ‘one and done’. Maybe they could have solved the case too!




 Being a doctor, Josh could hsve been inserted in several episodes, especially Dreamworld as an MD working for the Feds. However, I would have marked out hugely if if was Dr.Motorcycle-boy who while on a mission to Thailand, had to treat Castle and the dengue fever.  Could have been a great Scene!



Every CASKETT lover knew the only person who should have rescued Rick and Kate in the finale was Jackson Hunt. Hunt himself told them he was watching out for the so it would have been perfectly plausible that he gets them out of the crosshairs.  Sometimes things just make too much sense.



Being a billionaire comes with a price of paybacks and the ever existing pang for more.  Season eight should have h8nted strongly that Vaughn was the puppet master to Bracken, even if in cahoots with Mason Woods.  In fact, with Beckett being estranged from her husband, he could try pursuing her romantically! So many possibilities that could have made for a great season 8.  


Well there you have it!  Happy Monday All!

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  1. Peg says:

    John. Where were you when they were putting together some really bad episodes in season 7 and anywhere during the disaster, otherwise known as season 8. They could have used your insight. Your ideas were great, especially the one with Dr. motorcycle Boy.

    • jntomas21 says:

      Funny you say that but I was a broadcasting major in college and still do some DJ work! Wanted to go to either UCLA or NYU to study film but alas I went where the best scholarship money was

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