MONDAY MUSINGS: Part ll. Goodbye Kate



Wow, does the wrap picture above tell it all about today?  Stana must have known for awhile that she was toast.  Just surprised the news leaked today when the show teetering in the balance.


When I read the news this morning, I was shocked like many initially.  It brought me back to childhood when Mickey Mantle finally retired from the New York Yankees.  I was crushed, even in his diminished state, Mickey was my boyhood idol.  Of course, in hindsight, he probably hung on too long.  But it still hurt when he left. Maybe Castle is hanging on too long.


What is it they say?  Women and children get off the sinking ship first?  Well then, maybe Stana and Tamala left at a good time.


It could be that ABC still had a bad taste from last year’s negotiations athough stories now are circulating that the network entertained dropping the Beckett character after season 7.  Season 8 had potential for something really great with Caskett but it never materialized.  Instead of the famed swordplay of early seasons, we got sex. No romance, no tenderness, just a really horny Beckett which to me demeaned her character.


I suppose once there was no Beckett in episode 14 we should have seen the writing in the wall.  For me Castle did not work in that episode at all.  Even when they were separated we had a few fun moments. the jail cell scene where he was to lift her up.  The next show when she busted his chops when the blind priest got away.  And the special hug and investigation in episode 5.  They need screen time together and not getting that hurt the show this season.


Maybe that rumor of Stana and Nathan is really true.  From social media, no comments from Mr. Fillion at all.  Do they really dislike each other that much?  If so, she must be a great actress!  How else could she get through all of it?  The season 8 DVD cover being a photoshop of season 3 could be more evidence.  More the pity.


I am a late comer to Castle as I never saw the first 7 seasons on their original air date, I only caught it on TNT.  I binged watched.  But I fell for it hook,line and sinker.  Now I feel cheated!


From the screenshot of 8×22, it looks like our heroes may go down in a blaze of glory.  I would have rather seen a baby Caskett for season 9 and exploring all the great scenes those two could have.  Remember baby Cosmo/Benny? How about season 6 episode 5 where the man from the future told them about Senator Beckett, serious novelist Castle and their three children.


ABC just comes off really bad here.  It brings to mind a quote from the movie A Bronx Tale where Sonny admonished a young Calogero as he wore his heart on his sleeve after the Yankees lost the 1960 World Series.  Sonny says ” … Mickey Mantle don’t care about you. Why should you care about him?”  Pretty much sums up the American Broadcasting Network feeling for us.


They disrespected a great show and screwed over their fans but most of all they were disloyal to Ms. Katic.  I just hope they do right by her and her character in the end and give her and Beckett the proper send-off.




ps:  I never actually watched every episode so my summer project is to review each show, mostly for me, but to keep the original show alive.  I hope to also do throwbacks, flashbacks and musings as a tribute to all the enjoyment it has given me. Plus it is still alive on TNT.


Hey who knows, they could come back in a couple years with Senator Beckett and the three kids.  They did it for the X-Files and 24!















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