Today I am going to ruminate on one single topic, one point instead of my normal collections of musings.  In the past in one of our Saturday Showdown contests featured two black dresses that Kate looked spectacular in.  A couple of people added some interesting insights on the dresses which sparked my curiosity over the developments Beckett’s formal wear. Ergo my wild imagination ran wild.

All the way back to practically the beginning we have a situation where the crime fighting crew figure out that one charity is common to all the jewelry heists, the Metropolitan American Dance Theater.  And, of course, Castle scores a pair of tickets to their fundraiser.  Time for CASKETT to go undercover, only one problem, what to wear.  Now I understand that Kate is a cop and high society isn’t her thing.  So it makes sense she does not have evening gowns.  On top of that, not six episodes ago, she told Lanie “Romance is dead”.  Her and Lanie scour her closet and come up empty.  Lanie is awesome here with her quips “Whoa, “Karma Chameleon” and “Too Showgirls?” And “ you better not be wearing your prom dress when I get back“.  Time to suspend my disbelief as the greatest dress in the world shows up.  Just the right size, no alterations needed, top fit perfect with just the right support.  Castle just guessed it right.  Ok let’s fast forward three years to this.  


Yes, once again, an undercover mission rears it’s ugly head. This time, however, Kate disappears for a little while and reappears with the very dress above.  Really?  Just happened to have a gown hanging around now?  Why, what changed?  We know it had nothing to do with Castle because his head spun and jaw dropped when he saw her come into the bullpen all dolled up.  Here’s proof

One might say she might have worn it to the first annual JoHanna Beckett Scholarship Gala.  If so, Castle would have seen her in it an his reaction would not have been so raw, so caught off guard.  I always wished they had done an episode on the JBSG especially during season three so we could experience the angst and tension between DMB and Ricky.  If they did, I always imagined Kate would wear gold or champagne colored gown.  Perhaps the couple would look like this:

That would leave one last possibility, and that would be that off camera and aside from story arc, Kate accompanied Josh to a hospital fundraising dinner somewhere during season three in which she had to buy a fancy dress as per protocol.  That would give credence to why she has a gown at her disposal in a pinch and why Castle never saw it or her in it.  Perhaps like this?

Whew! Now I feel better getting that off my chest!  I know, I know it’s fiction, fantasy if you will but damn it is fun.

Here Kate and DMB share a rare day off…