MONDAY MUSINGS: Random Thoughts




Over the weekend while wrapping up some loose ends, my mind wandered to Castle.  I started to think of the quirks and fun bits that turned me onto the show.  Most importantly, the small details are what I truly appreciated.  So onto some Randomness!


Beckett’s Love Interests



So what is wrong with the above picture?   It dawned on me that Beckett and Josh never shared a passionate kiss, unlike Will and Tom.  Hell, even Castle shared a kiss for the ages while she was involved with Dr. Motorcycle Boy.  Just saying that’s all.


Beckett Eats with her Boyfriends



Yes, Kate is thin but does eat sometimes.  She shared a donut with Will in the hospital, saying she might not be over sprinkles(Him?). The she eats a lot with Demming, snacks  after rousing suspects in the park, full Chinese takeout dinner at the precinct.  Josh, well she enjoyed a cherry garnish at the old Haunt, oh wait that was with Castle!


When did Kate stop wearing scarfs?



So what happened to these?  Were they forsaken when she started dressing more provocatively when she became interested in Castle?


Castle actually actually proposed to Beckett three times.



Ahh, Castle you old dog you!  What a great scene in season two when Castle found the engagement ring the cake topper and half jokingly proposed to her?  I need to find a reverse picture of her face from that scene!  The second time was when Ryan needed advice to propose to Jenny.  That time it seemed like Beckett was taken aback!


But third time was the charm!



I will probably come up with a bunch more, so stayed tuned!







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