In the past past week or so I have been getting comments on how CASTLE should have had some of the more prominent one-shot guest appearances repeat that same character in a later season episode.

Of course immediately, all three of Beckett’s boyfriends came to mind and in fact, have been written about before.  Another time perhaps I will reprise those thoughts.

But now, one comes to mind readily and clearly.  My guess is this character could have appeared in five different seasons, perhaps a total of 6 additional shows to those from season 2.  Of course I am talking about SPECIAL AGENT JORDAN SHAW, profiler extraordinaire!

We got to know the FBI agent fairly well in season 2 as she lead the investigation  into the serial killings done to get at Nikki Heat/Kate Beckett.  Considering the skill she possessed and the situation she was thrust into, I do not think it is much of a stretch to have her appearing in these episodes also.


Does it pass the sniff test?  Serial killer, check.  Cold, unsolved previous case, check.  Three murders? Check.  I always wondered why the Feds were not called, perhaps because C&B were solid in their closures?  Dunno, just felt it had the potential to bring back Shaw and her toys, teasing Castle and making Beckett jealous.  The fact they lost Tyson makes it seem more prudent that they employ her skills.  


Ok, knowing they missed Tyson the last time enabling him kill again, why oh why would “ by the books” IRON Gates not drag a world renowned profiler into the mix?  Ok yes, Gates hates Castle especially after pulling rank on her so his guilt would be welcomed.  But, she lets Beckett investigate him, even though they were very close as partners and Gates did not think Kate compromised? Same with RYESPO? And by now, they are the only detectives ever mentioned on the show.  Plus with the dynamic of Beckett-Shaw would light up the TV screen. Additionally, I figure a pair of independent eyes are needed so I wanted Jordan here! Who’s with me?  Again, he got away….


Season 7 had the two parter where Kate gets drugged and kidnapped so Dr Kelly Nieman could prove her skill as a plastic surgeon and eliminate the biggest pain in the side of 3XK.  Hey back in season 2 when Beckett was being provoked and threatened, the Feds came riding in on Black Suburbans to the rescue!  I know Castle is a PI now but come on, common sense says get help.  And by now, Jordan would have complied quite the dossier on Mr. Tyson and would be chomping at the bit to settle the score with him permanently.  Sure Espo can trigger the Kill Shot but how much fun would Castle and Shaw be again, knocking heads and churning theory?  Alas, a great moment in Castle history  gone by the wayside.  


I can think of three to five more episodes Dana Delaney could have guest starred.  For me the most obvious would have been season 6, although not directly Jerry Tyson driven, DISCIPLE could have featured Shaw.  After all the murders were done to look like Espo and Lanie and they  sure freaked them out!  The psychological warfare that was being conducted would have played well with federal assistance.  The other I felt sure to be solid gold would have been Jordan Shaw as Beckett’s federal training officer and new partner in season 6. Sure, Shaw did little field work but the gobsmacked three way between Beckett-Shaw-Castle would have made up for it.  Castle could be intrigued by the shiny toys, cool espionage, deeper plot points for FEDERAL HEAT.  The other unspoken training Shaw could provide Beckett would be how to have it all, agent,wife mother…