This week’s musings revolve around the fall section of the season and how stupid the writers and TPTB made Rick.  We all took umbrage over how badly Kate Beckett was treated but a case can be made that Castle    was treated as a true baffoon.  So let’s have at it!



I could say the whole episode make Rick a fool.  Who dressed Rick for his meeting with the Dean?  The 70’s called and they want the bow tie and elbow pads back.  So even suspending disbelief that he could buy his way in and have a class so quick, the fact that he would engage in a test of wits with a student and throw him out was just stupid.  Almost as stupid as allowing Alexis to wear that costume to a frat party.  So what is the best way to acquire info from the “boys”? Yup beer pong!  Set  ’em up, a 45 year old lightweight versus a Greek.  This will not end well.  I could go on and on, like him threatening the students with failing grades, taking Alexis into the basement penitentiary unarmed, and on and on…so feel free to add your own in the comments.




What Lies Beneath

This was a fun episode ruined by Castle buying his way into the precinct’s  inside information.  I was very disappointed that they chose to sully Ryan also by taking the bribe.  The stupid fiesta just made everyone look just plain dumb.




Even likely the the best episode of the fall season could not escape the sophomoric humor TPTB, the writers and show runners substituted for humor.  Maybe if the majority of the watching audience were under ten years old, a fart joke would be funny.  For a forty something year old it is just idiotic.

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Ok, as bad as PhDead was, this stinker hands down took the trophy for worst episode of the season if not the series.  Where do you start with this?  Well, for me, besides all the goofy Slaughter/Castle investigation garbage, the worst (yes even worse than domesticated Slaughter) had to be that STUPID jazz hands number that was intended take down the bad guys even though severely outnumbered.  Almost was enough for me to quit watching season 8 and blogging about Castle!

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After the terrific episode seven, my hopes were very high for the fall finale.  I was satisfied for the most part being presented a very good episode.  BUT…  I can buy Castle doing his Titanic impression of Jack. It is so much within his character.  I could even buy a minute of the dance rehearsal, but geez, it went on forever and jazz hands again? Really?  Come on, how sloppy can they be?  The other real ridiculous scene they saddled Rick with was the ending.  Here we finally see Castle have the testicular fortitude to confront Kate (didn’t seem to have  that issue for season ending episodes year three, four and five).  She comes to her senses and comes back to him, hoping for that second chance. She even wears her heart on her sleeve. So instead of some meaningful re-connect of the two, some powerful heartfelt bonding we get naked punishment.  I can’t make this crap up.  I refuse to stoop to that level of incompetence.







I will look at the last 14 another time.  Please keep coming back as I have some great stuff on tap.