Monday, Monday must mean it’s time for me to spout off on nonsensical trivial minutiae that I ponder about while watching CASTLE. This week, season 5 gets a turn as, thanks the HULU, they are readily available with no effort (yes DVD’s require effort 😝😝😝). So let me present to you


Ryan visits Beckett because, let’s face it, he is good at the grunt detective work but he does not possess the crime solving mind Beckett and Castle do. Ryan is surprised Castle is there and when Castle tries to explain he stops short thinking “just stopping by” won’t work. The distance between their two apartments is a bit more than a mile and quite reasonable for a nice stroll especially once you get to Houston Street.. Heck, how many times do we see Castle get to Beckett’s really quickly?


When Castle escapes and settles into the library he finds an add for celebrity doubles in a magazine. Now if I were writing it, the guy who runs the agency in ALMOST FAMOUS should have been the one to book the Castle double. To me that would have been awesome.


Ok, this just drives me crazy, perhaps because I’m a New Yawker, or could be the inconsistent writing but come on, this is such an easy to get right. The writers have Beckett say “Okay, coordinate with Feds and Queens PD.” There is no Queens PD, it’s all NYPD.


Ok, I get the need to suspend my disbelief with some parts of the storyline. But then again, Castle says he wants his works to be authentic. So tell me how Castle got to Paris so fast? Did he teleport? Did Scotty beam him up? It’s a 7 1/2 hr flight, not to mention getting to JFK airport that has taken me over an hour from Manhattan there. Then there is the issue with flight availability. Most European flights depart in the evening and fly overnight. Or did Castle have charter flight? Still would take time. In fact Beckett calls this out when she said “And a lose a day flying out there in a place that I don’t have jurisdiction or authority?” How long was it between him leaving the precinct and him being in Paris?


I absolutely loved the ending especially when Regina said: “Have you ever tried changing into skintight leather pants? Beckett’s facials were priceless and Castle morphed into a 12 year old pubescent boy. Of course he had that fantasy since early season 3