Monday Musings: Stana’s next role


Another Monday and we are down to 4 remaining Beckett episodes. Since we know how talented Stana is I decided to look at what she should do next.


I decided a comedy from Ms. Katic is needed. One she stars in. From her lightning quick retorts at Castle (right from episode 1 “you have no idea”) or Espo, (who can forget season 1 episode 7 when he commented on the dress only for her say, “I’d let you borrow it, Esposito, but you stretched out the last one. “) to her uncanny facials and eye rolls, her comedic chops shine bright. Not to mention doing the unexpected like the elevator scene where she grabs The Castle’s or the blooper where she innocently says she wants to “*^#* his brains out”.


With that in mind I checked out her movie “The Spirit”. It was one of four she is credited with on IMDb for the year 2008.  What a noteworthy cast but a truly forgettable flick. They did get one thing right, the Spirit spoke of a for-shadowing of the future:

With that said, Stana was hysterical in this movie. I absolutely popped for her scenes with Dan Lauria (the Wonder Years and Lombardi). They had great comedic timing. Too bad they were not the central characters. Katic as Morgenstern appropriately played the character far over the top, I mean Pro wrestling over the top. The cheery way she delivered her lines made me chuckle which was in sharp contrast to the cardboard crap the rest of the monotone cast delivered. Morgenstern tailing the commissioner, Dolan could have been featured on Monty Python’s “Ministry of Silly Walks” they were that funny.


Bad pun alert, she had some big guns in this one, so over the top it is funny watching her shoot the Octapus (Sam L. Jackson).

Some of the other watchable scenes are the interactions between Morganstern and the Spirit. She follows him closely, idolizes him and hangs on his every word. I thought of Mike Royce here. Plus she gets to do some action scenes that were better than most of the movie.


If you think it is just my “man-crush” on Stana, this review supports my position: From the blog 
“Only Stana Katic, as perky rookie Morgenstern, captures the wide-eyed sanguinity that should have emanated from every character in Central City, whose inhabitants have names like Sand Serif and Silken Floss. “


Don’t get me wrong, this is a cinematic disaster and I must admit to only watching because of Stana. That said, This movie was unlike anything else she had done to that point, or since for that matter. She admits to being goofy and geeky in real life and others certify that. I would hope some executive producer would tap into this goldmine of talent and thoroughly entertain us!


Here is a slideshow of her from the movie!


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