Right from the beginning, one of the main themes portrayed was that there was always a story involved in the murder, something that had it make sense, tie it all together. It was something I really enjoyed and looked to see how they would incorporate it into the storyline. It didn’t take long for Castle to introduce this theorem. Remember the inaugural episode (the voices are in English)?

I was so happy to see it employed the very next episode. Not only did it reinforce Castle as a master yarn spinner, it provided some great comedy, I mean who didn’t love Roy Montgomery’s order at the end?

Then, a couple episodes later we are rewarded with perhaps the best story of them all at the end of A CHILL GOES THROUGH HER VEINS.

But look for evidence when you can just make it up 😝😝😝

Let’s end this with a beautiful compilation by MsStanaKatic called CASTLE and BECKETT – There Is Always A Story.