MONDAY MUSINGS: Unanswered Questions

There is a great line that is said when watching episodic television. That is that we need to suspend our disbelief. That is so very true in CASTLE and here are a few that qualify.


FBI has jurisdiction over child abduction cases.” Beckett states this in episode 9 of Season 1. That being the case, why weren’t the Feds called in for THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE BABY? Or MURDER MOST FOWL? Not to mention TARGET AND HUNT


Ok so Fed Jordan Shaw is rushed to New York to work the Nikki Heat murders in season 2. Why were they not brought in for 3XK. In fact all Jerry Tyson episodes. Actually we never see the Feds for any serial murders, because if we had, they would have showed up in the Pilot.


Jackson fights to save both Castle and Alexis in season 5 but when Rick gets abducted in season 7 (end of season 6) why wasn’t he “HUNTING” for him is inconceivable. He also would have come in handy in season 8.


Ok, so Castle makes a big deal over the bad coffee at the precinct was. He gifts them an expensive expresso machine. So why do we see that, more often than not, they drink the sludge from what I assume is a commercial Bunn machine? I mean we see them pouring from the glass carafes. Watch, it happens quite often, perhaps more than actual cappuccino’s.