MONDAY MUSINGS: Very Interesting!

Just mulling over a few things Castle and like a good neighbor, I like to share. So these happened on the show, whatever that m SNS 😝😝😝


Either Ryan is in denial or the timeframe is askew, but I remember Kevin getting a ‘ we’re dating two weeks’ gift from Jenny, calling get his girlfriend. Would indicate they were together. Perhaps someone else? Not after his admission in TILL DEATH DO US PART. Yet, when she appears in the Ledger, Ryan claims non-exclusivity’Hmmmmmmmm the date on the Ledger would indicate they were dating over a month


At the end of PUNKED, Kate had her helmet, but at the end of CUFFED, she had something suspiciously appearing to be that same headgear, so she was still riding her Soft Tail into season 4


The ruggedly handsome writer known address is 425 Broome Street.

In The Vampire Weekend, the address of Morgan Lockerbie or at least where his lair is lies but mile east of Castle on Broome. Hmmmmm no wonder he recognized it!

Just saying he’s slumming in a very nice neighborhood!