MONDAY MUSINGS: Why LokSat Failed Miserably



Entering season eight, the storyline would need a new direction as the finale of the previous offering tied everything up in a nice little bow.  Kate had a bright future as either a precinct captain or a politician. Castle finally got the recognition that had previously eluded him and we now understood why he became a writer.  So the idea was to create a massive roadblock for Kate that threatened everything she stood for, worked for and loved for.  It’s name, LOKSAT.  Now I felt this story arc had a chance if presented correctly but as we now know, the tale offered by the show runners and writers derailed the show early on.  The following are my top ten reasons why the show failed so spectacularly.


NUMBER 10: Consistently Inconsistent Storyline



Okay, Kate gets called in by the FBI on an old data search that had her old team killed with the only survivor bring a low level tech who just “happened” to know what a code 7 was and how to contact Beckett.  They get those bad guys only for Rita to tell get it wasn’t over.  As you see above, Kate dissolved her marriage to chase LokSat and has second thoughts.  Next episode she spends her time reviewing Vulcan Simmons and his connection only to be forgotten until episode 8.  Then only  after Vikran id’s Caleb Brown as a bad guy do we hear about it. Then ep 15 Castle finds out he knew via his missing time. WTF.  And Brown again well You get the idea.


NUMBER 9: Nobody to Despise


Castle has had a host of terrific bad guys from Dick Coonan to Hal Lockwook. Vulcan Simmons, Cole Maddox, Senator Bracken, Jerry Tyson.  What didn’t work was we did not know who or what LokSat was so how found someone work up anger against a ghost antagonist?  Who were we rooting against?  Instead the focus was the breakup and how Beckett would stay away from Castle


NUMBER 8: Beckett Absences



The above picture was such a tease.  Barely a mention of her let alone screen time.  How hard would it have been to work something in where she claimed to be at a police conference but actually going rogue on a lead they got from the Vulcan Simmons heroin?  Not only would it have driven the LokSat storyline further, it would have been minimally invasive to Ms. Katic to shoot a solo scene.  Episode 14, Castle chases a nightmare to Koreatown in L.A. letting Beckett know about it at the end of ep 13.  You think Kate could have/should have followed up since it regarded her husbands missing time?  Especially since it ends up being about LokSat which she supposedly is chasing.


NUMBER 7: Never Under Duress/Never Any Threats



So, Kate left Rick to protect him, under the belief that LokSat would leave Rick and everyone else alone.  Of course, logic states that the first one they’d hit would be Castle.  Even 3XK said he was killing Kate to torture Castle.  Yet, after the season premier doubleheader, not one shot taken at either her or Castle.  Past seasons, Kate had a bullseye on her back, Alexis was kidnapped to settle a score with Jackson Hunt and Kate abducted by Jerry Tyson and Dr. Kelly Nieman.  Yet not a hint of anything.  They did have the ep12 maze to negotiate but nothing to do with LokSat and ep20 Castle abducted by a drug lord just to write his screenplay.  If LokSat didn’t care enough to hunt down Caskett why should the fans care about the story arc?


NUMBER 6: Throw Sh*t at the Wall and See What Sticks!



The title of this segment says it all.  First they said “we need to have conflict between Castle and Beckett so let’s have a big conspiracy and a  marital separation.  Oh and hey, let’s introduce Hayley as Castle’s main female even though he had three other more interesting ones. When the masses debunked that trend, TPTB said “ok let’s get them back together secretly while hiding from LokSat.  Took three episodes for Kate to tell Rita about the new arrangement, not to mention it made Kate look like a hooker by her actions.  Hit a dead end with the main story arc, come on down Caleb Brown, public defendant Extrodinaire by day, evil by night, why? Because Vikram said so.  TPTB can’t figure out who is  LokSat is, hey the head of the GDS will do.  To put the cherry on top, the last half dozen episodes had absolutely nothing to do with the storyline save the blatantly obvious setup of the cell phone by Caleb.


NUMBER 5: Vikram Vikram Vikram

CASTLE - "XX" - In part two of last week's Season 8 premiere, Beckett's side of her abrupt disappearance is revealed. After receiving a mysterious tip from her past, Beckett is launched into a fight for her life, with a team of mercenaries hot on her trail. While Castle investigates why his wife is on the run, Beckett must figure out who wants her dead, before they can finish the job. "XX" will air on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 (10:01-11:00 p.m. ET/PT) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Richard Cartwright) SUNKRISH BALA


Well, now what can you say about our most disfunctional cast member? Initially he is a scared shitless low level analyst to being a sarcastic unappreciative dick in ep2 who went from not knowing how to handle a gun to being quite proficient all in 29 minutes of screen time.  His condescending tone toward Beckett should have greeted him with an ass kicking but I guess it was part of the defimation of the Captain’s character by the PTB.  Initially he came up with a couple of decent leads like finding Mr. Smith and the heroin signatures but the reduced to being a two year old who always interrupt their parents “cozy” moments.  He graduated to trashing Castle even to Beckett’s face.  

A truly unique opportunity was lost by not making Vikram a bad guy or a mole infiltrating the Beckett confidence, thus setting her up for her demise.  Even better would have been to have then destroy her psychologically before ending her earthly existence.


NUMBER 4: What Separation? / Beckett's Shadow



So Rita tells Kate her options in regard to chasing LokSat and Kate chooses the rabbit hole.  She leaves Castle under the premise of protecting him.  If that is the case, why does she allow him around her so much?  Makes no sense does it?  Castle is wide open for being hunted.  Beckett is seen a lot in his company so if LokSat were actually an intelligent entity, both would be dead.  It just makes the ep2 ending idiotic and the subsequent episodes beyond suspension of belief.


NUMBER 3: Castle Does Nothing



Let’s say this together, Castle is a Private Investigator.  He has a PI business.  He had an expert on the payroll.  He is so good Mason Wood wants him on the GDS.  Got that?  Ok good!

Castle never leaves things alone going back to season 1 where defying the direct wishes of Beckett he used his clout to investigate her mother’s murder.  He always digs into things.  He aleads needs to find the story.  Plus how often did he dig around expressly against Beckett’s wishes!


So why does it take seven episodes for him to finally get Hayley to help him figure out what Beckett is up to?  Hell, he should have realized it from the moment he saw the packed bags.  Even worse, no conspiracy theories on what was going on?  I mean, really this quote from Beckett sums up Castle’s career with Kate, yet instead of solving why she broke up with him, he tried to weasel into the investigations.  It does not pass the sniff test for me.


NUMBER 2: Beckett Throws It All Away



For seven years Kate has been piecing her life back together, little by little, with many bumps in the road.  The one constant was her plucky sidekick, partner, friend, best friend, boyfriend, fiancé,husband.  The two have gone to hell and back.  She always asked if he was coming along and he always ran after her.

Kate took care of Rick as Jerry Tyson screwed with him, first when Castle realized a minute late that he was 3XK in season 3 then when framed for murder in season 5.  Castle was in lock step when Braken set up Kate in season 6.  Together they figured the person behind Johanna’s murder was Bracken.  

So so why did they make her a lone wolf?  Wouldn’t the storyline be simply awesome if they faced the peril together head on?  Shouldn’t it have been Castle, not Vikram doing the surveillance?  By having her be alone in pursuit of LokSat bastardized all previous storylines and totally contradicted everything the Beckett character stood for


NUMBER 1: Caskett Crusaders Grounded



How amazing could this season have been if after the first two episodes, Kate ignores Rita’s advice and chases LokSat but with hubby in tow.  Imagine the secret murder board at the loft, or better yet, Kate’s old apartment. 



Or maybe one more modern




The thing is, there was a dynamic that could have been explored to chase down LokSat, kept our couple together, Castle out of the precinct and time to do what they do best (no not naked punishment!).  An added bonus would be Castle taking copious notes in order to write the saga for his Pulitzer.  Also with them working it together, the storyline would progress week to week and not be an afterthought after initially being introduced.  It would also provide growth to the characters not regression.  A possibility of  Beckett-Alexis relationship. Best of all each weekly case could have some sort of tie-in to LokSat.

We knew for seven seasons the sum of Caskett was greater than the parts.  Season 8 unfortunately proved it.