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Look at it this way. If you and Raglan and McCallister hadn’t sinned so spectacularly then God wouldn’t have sent a punishment like me.”  Hal Lockwood 


Wow, is that a great villian line or what?   Let us meet Hal Lockwood, assassin Extrodinaire!  The hired gun to clean up the remnants of the old dirty cop shake-down ring.  Officer John Raglan looking for absolution after his terminal sentence from the oncologist, comes to Beckett to set her mom’s murder right.  You gotta ask how did Lockwood find out if only Beckett and Castle knew about the meeting at the coffee house.  My bet is Montgomery!  The sure shot took out Raglan but did not get the opportunity to finish the job, meaning Beckett.



So we need to suspend disbelief that he would be susceptible to a takedown by Castle after neutralizing Beckett and RyEspo.  Not to mention torture!


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Fast forward to season ending episode as Hal is being arraigned for murdering dirty cop number 2, Gary McAllister.  The masterminds set this up beautifully in order to spring Lockwood with the intent of finishing off Beckett.  




Once free, he goes after the last man standing between Bracken and Beckett, Roy Montgomery, who has  protected Kate all these years.  It is possible she got to homicide so quick in order that Roy could keep her safe and under his protection.  That all ended here!  RIP Roy Montgomery.  RIP Hal Lockwood.




The real question is: how bad of a guy was Lockwood?  After all if he hadn’t captured Ryan and Esposito, we never would have gotten that kiss!


Please take a moment to vote on who you think was the best villian on Castle.  I’ll post the final results after we’re all done.  Also if I missed one or two. Let me know!


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