Season 1 Episode 6: Always Buy Retail



Murder suspect Mukhtar Baylor storms into unsuspecting Diana Edwards’ apartment and starts shooting at Castle and Beckett, who were there attempting to find a key piece of evidence, Baylor’s passport, which was hidden inside a knock-off Chanel bag purchased by Edwards. Castle and Beckett are pinned down behind the kitchen counter as Baylor fires upon them. Beckett tells Castle she only has two rounds left in her gun and needs a clear shot, which she can’t get from behind the counter, Castle manages to take a picture with his phone so Beckett can see where Baylor is, then ingeniously decides to distract the dirtbag by popping a champagne bottle cork. It works, and Beckett is able to take down Baylor. Beckett acknowledges that he likely saved her life, probably regretting it ever since


Season 2 Episode 17: Tick, Tick, Tick & Season 2 Episode 18: Boom!



Castle, Beckett and Special Agent Shaw believe that they have finally caught the Nikki Heat-obsessed serial killer, Ben Conrad, but Castle figures out that the killer couldn’t have been Conrad mostly because he is distraught at putting Beckett in harms way. He attempts to call Beckett to warn her and rushes over to her apartment, believing that she’s the killer’s next target. As she gets out of the shower and answers her phone, he tells her the killer is still alive and then she hears the detonator go off, “Good-bye, Nikki” just before her apartment explodes. Thanks to Castle’s warning, she manages to dive into the bath tub (gotta love old fashioned cast iron tubs) as it detonates, and Castle enters her burning apartment and gives her his jacket to cover up with before assisting her outside to safety. Chivalry is not dead! And recovers and repairs her dad ‘s watch to boot!


Season 2 Episode 18: Boom!



Castle manages to get Beckett pissed off at him by going gaga over Shaw and her toys. He needs to do something to get in Kate’s good graces. If it were his story, Scott Dunn, the actual serial killer, would not be holding Special Agent Shaw hostage inside the building that the FBI is currently raiding, but somewhere, another building nearby. Beckett and Castle go rogue in search of them. They find them, and Beckett hands Castle her spare Glock, telling him he’s her only backup. Beckett draws Dunn away from Shaw so that Castle can untie her, but in the meantime Dunn flanks her and knocks her to the ground, stealing her weapon. Before Dunn has a chance to shoot Beckett, Castle appears and shoots the gun out of Dunn’s hands. After Dunn is apprehended by Shaw and Beckett, Beckett tells Castle “Hell of a shot, Castle” to which he replies, “I was aiming for his head.”




Season 3 Episode 13: Knockdown


Castle and Beckett head inside the warehouse where Hal Lockwood is holding Ryan and Esposito captive. Beckett manages to take out Lockwood’s henchmen, but Lockwood evades her and gets her face in the crosshairs of his rifle as she peeks out from behind a wall. Castle takes him by surprise from behind, knocking him to the ground and pummeling him unconscious with his fist. Later in the ambulance, Beckett helps Castle to rebandage his knuckles, thanking him for having her back. He replies, “Always.” By my count the third





Season 3 Episode 17: Countdown



With a nuclear bomb’s timer ticking away the seconds before it’s set to explode in front of them, Castle grabs Beckett’s hand in his almost resigned to their fate before making a last second decision to grab all the wires on the bomb and pull them out with his free hand. The bomb is diffused and the two share an emotionally charged hug. The hug becomes even more meaningful when Kate, in Josh’s embrace, stares longingly as Castle exits dejected. A true turning point in the two relationships IMHO





Season 3 Episode 24: Knockout*



Castle drags Beckett away at Montgomery’s request so he confront Hal Lockwood. This is probably the most heart-wrenching scene in Castle history. After Beckett has her final words with Captain Montgomery before Duel with Lockwood, Montgomery calls Castle out from the shadows of the hangar and commands him to get her out of there. Castle complies, lifting a kicking and screaming Beckett off the ground and carrying her out the back door before Lockwood arrives. Outside, he pulls her over against a vehicle and holds her there, covering her mouth with his hand while he hushes her, running his hands through her hair to comfort her as she cries.


At Captain Montgomery’s funeral, Castle tackles Beckett to the ground as a sniper’s shot rings out. She’s critically injured, but of course, she does survive. it is very possible that Castle’s tackle kept Beckett from taking a second shot to the heart. My belief is that Maddox would squeeze off at least one or two more before escaping. Furthering my point is the beat down he put on Smith in the next episode. Again, creative license employed and I do admit this one is borderline, but it’s possible his actions kept it from being a second and fatal shot being taken and finding its mark.




Season 4 Episode 16: Linchpin:



When a mystery killer pushes Beckett’s Crown Vic into the river (this time I believe it supposed to be the Hudson) Castle has to go under water and find Kate’s weapon then use the gun to shoot off her stuck seat belt. Next he blows out the back window with several rounds before they both drown. Castle has great lung capacity for sure as he was down there a long time then had to drag her to the surface as she was passed out.


Season 5 Episode 5: Probable Cause:



Tyson sets up Castle just to take out Beckett and make Rick suffer the rest of his life. Castle, however, saves Beckett from Jerry Tyson by shooting him several times until Tyson falls off the bridge into the river (Hudson? East?) Only Castle believes 3XK somehow survived especially when no body is found.


Season 5 Episode 10: AFTER HOURS



The only witness to a priests murder is on the run with Castle and Beckett. Caskett had a “Meet the Parents” night that ended badly causing much bickering. Castle goes for help leaving Beckett with the witness. Rick gets captured by an Irish mobster and in a twist, Leo is actually the killer and has Kate hostage. Castle orchestrates a plot to save Kate and capture all the bag guys!


Season 5 Episide 22: STILL




Castle shows Kate that he is worthy of her, staying with her only leaving upon an open promise he made. In true Castle form, he returned with coffee then set out to figure out the code to diffuse the bomb just in time. His reward, Kate and he can be a couple in public.


Season 7 Episode 6: The Time Of Our Lives


This one could be a stretch as it really is in Castle’s alternate world dream. To recap: Before she can respond there are footsteps. The LAWYER comes back and takes a shot at them.

CASTLE: Look out!

He jumps in front of BECKETT, taking two bullets to the chest in the process. He falls hard to the ground and BECKETT gets off two shots of her own, hitting the LAWYER. She rushes over to CASTLE. He’s stunned, but still conscious.

BECKETT: Oh, God. Mr. Castle. You saved my life. Why?

She tries to make him more comfortable.

CASTLE:Because I love you, Kate.

Note: No Kevlar with Writer in the alternate world ??