PH-DEAD Castle Season 8 Episode 3


Castle poses as a college professor so he can investigate the gruesome murder of a student while trying to win back the love he thinks he lost in Beckett.


– Lucy!  Especially when she says “it sucks to be you Rick”

– Beckett sweating while working the heavy bag, and the kicking Vikram in the ribs (sweet!)

– Beckett back in the field even if it makes no sense but needed

– Beckett knowing that Espo and Ryan would collaborate with Castle against her direct orders

– Beckett fully acknowledging what going after Loksat means,especially to her marriage

– Lanie having Beckett’s back even though she was shut out too

– Beckett understanding that she needs to solve Loksat quick due to Castle and how good he is solving mysteries

– Beckett grabbing Castle by the bow tie

– Espo and Ryan getting punked out by Scott Powell

– Alexis dropping a BDSM reference.  Ooohhhh Castle tortured by all the women in his life

– great line by Espo “including sending your daughter into a frat party dressed as a slutty angel?”

– Beckett smiling at Castle, giving us a sign she still loves him

– Never tire of Beckett retorting to a come on”l have a gun”

– Great piece of info about the heroin, also excellent character development into Kate’s psyche by Mr.Smith

– Martha with sage advice that is rejected (again)

– Beckett calling out Castle putting his daughter in danger

– Beckett showing some affection after Castle’s apology

– Beckett telling Dr. Barbara Lindstrom that she backs up Castle over her arrest.

– Beckett-Castle synergy coming up with mind games to advance the case

– Kate declaring her love for Castle

– Castle locks them in so they could figure it out

– Kate and Castle have a moment before being boosted up ( a tried and true plot scene)

– Never tire of the simultaneous discovery of the solution

– Kate tearful pondering the day’s events with Castle twirling her wedding ring much like she previously twirled her mom’s ring on the necklace

– Kate’s admission of how tough this is and will be

– Castle so heartbroken at the end

The BAD:

– Professor Castle? Glasses? Elbow patches? Bow tie?

– Espo and Ryan trying to be college students?

– Castle PI still bad idea

– Ryan and Espo working with Castle against direct orders

– Thin skin Castle tossing a student

– Frat party?

– Castle attending? Beer pong?

– Castle over protecting and almost blowing the cover

– Castle the lightweight drinking beer

– Vikrum is able to locate Mr. Smith pretty quick and since this is being pursued, Mr. Smith is back being a target

– illicit student professor relationship?

– Of course Castle gets caught and endangers Alexis

– Just happens to be caged next to someone who has plenty of information

– And Castle claims he can ruin grades?

– Citizen’s arrest?

– Castle cannot give Kate her space

– Vikram playing on Kate’s emotions

The WTF:

– Vikram talking tough to Beckett, what???

– Alexis as the secret weapon?

– Putting Alexis in harms way?

– Vikram “finds” someone who cannot be accounted for? How would he find him? I am sure Loksat were also trying to find him and have not.  Did Vikram smoke him out for the bad guys?

– Belongs here also.  Castle frat party, beer pong?

– College conducting military psych games for the new millennium


– so how long have they been separated?

– And where is she living? Back at her apartment?

– Did Beckett go through procedure before hiring Vikram?

– Beckett back to wearing V neck, open button shirts (saying she is single?)

– And investigating as a captain?

– Beckett facially looks drawn and this Loksat  mess is wearing on her

– are Castle and Beckett finances separate?

– Alexis still uses the ID of Clara from the Derek Storm novels

– Beckett still wears her wedding ring

– Beckett shows signs of still caring about Castle

– No stray hands on the boost in the jail cell

– Still quite amazed how much territory the 12th covers

– Geoff Pierson returns as Mr. Smith, Captain Montgomery’s mysterious friend who, albeit reluctantly, helped Beckett in her pursuit of bringing Senator Bracken to justice.


Kate Beckett: Castle, I asked for time. Why can’t you give me that?
Richard Castle: Because you need me.

Kate Beckett: If this takes any longer, then Castle’s gonna figure out what we’re doing.
Vikram Singh: And if he does?
Kate Beckett: He’s gonna step in. And he’s gonna put himself in danger.
Vikram Singh: Then make sure he stays away.

Kate Beckett: Would you take this seriously, please? I just blew up my marriage to go down this path.

Richard Castle: Why is Beckett keeping me in the dark?
Lanie Parish: The man who went Houdini for two months last year?
Richard Castle: Whoa! I didn’t Houdini. I was Houdinied.
Lanie Parish: Doesn’t matter. When you came back, she accepted you without question, so you could damn well give her some space now.
Richard Castle: I can’t lose her.
Lanie Parish: I know.

Richard Castle: Revenge. A man wronged, his reputation besmirched. So he strikes out in passion. Some might consider his actions justified. What else might drive a person to kill?
Scott Powell: Being forced to read one of your books?
[the class “oohs”] Scott Powell: Though that’s probably more of a motive for suicide.

Javier Esposito: [working undercover with Ryan to question a suspect] Hey, bro, you know what frat the dead dude’s from?
Scott Powell: No, officer. Sure don’t.
Javier Esposito: [feigning ignorance] What? We ain’t cops, man.
Scott Powell: Dude, you look like you’re forty.

Javier Esposito: I guess nothing in life is permanent.
Kate Beckett: [From behind the bush] Tell that to the victim.

Kate Beckett: You just want an excuse to get me alone.
Richard Castle: No, Beckett, I just want the truth. What really happened to Peter that nigh

Dr. Barbara Lillstrom: [about Castle’s treatment of her] That man is insane. I’m innocent.
Kate Beckett: If he says you’re a suspect, then trust me, you are far from innocent.

Alexis Castle: This stuff isn’t for torture. It’s a BDSM dungeon.
[Castle gives her a look wondering how she knows that] Alexis Castle: What? I read “Fifty Shades”. And clearly so had Peter.

Richard Castle: So, what happened, Kate? What did I do wrong?
Kate Beckett: Castle, this one’s not about you. It’s on me. I love you. I always will.

Richard Castle: I’m sorry, Beckett. I screwed up.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, you did.
Richard Castle: And I jeopardized the entire case.
Kate Beckett: Again, yes. But you know what? If it wasn’t for you, then we’d still be thinking that Peter’s prison uniform was a Halloween costume.

Richard Castle: They took all the evidence. And I let it happen. All because I wanted to impress Beckett.

Kate Beckett: You went to an underground prison? Alone?
Richard Castle: No. Not alone; I had Alexis with me.
Kate Beckett: [sarcastic] Oh, well, since you had backup. Are you kidding, Castle? Your daughter?
Richard Castle: When you say it in that tone, I sound like a bad parent.
Why can’t you just leave this alone?
Kate Beckett: I wasn’t built that way.
Michael Smith: Look, I’ve got a good thing here. A woman who loves me, a new life. I’m happy. You could be, too. You just have to let it go.
Kate Beckett: I can’t.
Michael Smith: What makes you think the drug shipments stopped with Vulcan Simmons’ death? Every narcotic has a signature; a fingerprint, if you will. You find his, pick up the trail.
Kate Beckett: Thank you.
Michael Smith: Don’t. You’re gonna get yourself killed.



When the body of a local college fraternity student is found gruesomely murdered, Castle has to go undercover as a professor in order to gain access to the victim’s world. However, he and Beckett soon discover that behind the fun and games of college are some darker secrets the university wants to keep hidden

So I have reconsidered my first opinion of this episode.  The beginning as pure silly however, as it progressed, it had a decent plot and the writers gave us some excellent Beckett-Castle moments, both happy and sad.  I liked the introduction of Lucy as a plot enhancer especially if she keeps getting such great lines.  I thought it showed how much Castle is useful in a case.  I do believe this pushed the Beckett-Castle conflict in a good way, I get what the new show runners and writers are trying to accomplish and long time Castle fans are too harsh is dismissing this season.