New feature here on SmallScreenSmackdown is our SATURDAY SHOWDOWN where you will have a chance to vote on the best of something.
This week, you get to choose the Most Heinous Assassin



Most Heinous Villian


Just as a refresher, here is a short bio of each of our contestants.

Hal Lockwood was a professional hit man who worked for the man who ordered the murder of Johanna Beckett. He was captured by Kate Beckett and Richard Castle, but later escaped and is killed by Roy Montgomery, whom he had already fatally wounded.  We first saw Hal in season 3 episode 13 when he murdered John Raglan. He also shanked the third dirty cop, Gary McCallister in prison. 


Cedric Marks, known in the show by his assumed identity as Cole Maddox, is a contract killer and operative who worked for Senator William Bracken – the man behind Johanna Beckett’s murder. Though he first appeared on-screen in the season 4 finale, his assassination attempt on Kate Beckett’s life in “Knockout” served as the catalyst for significant events that happened afterward.

He is a former U.S. soldier. Once he finished his service, he began work at a covert military contractor called Orantis Solutions. He was employed by Senator William Bracken to eliminate all remaining evidence of the man’s corrupt origins and stop Kate Beckett’s investigation once and for all.


Enjoy your weekend!

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