A piece a spam mail from Amazon caught my eye today and triggered this post.  The email informed me of the availability of my favorite actress in her first movie roll.  I got excited until I saw the price tag was $149.95 plus tax plus shipping and handling.  

The synopsis of the film makes it sound VERY intriguing!  This low-budget urban drama emerged from the hand of writer-director-star John Covert. A gritty, unflinching saga, it concerns a working-class American couple, Ed (Covert ) and Kim) (Jennifer Kern), reduced to desperate measures to stay afloat in the brutal city of Chicago. Ed – a police detective estranged from the Chicago PD – runs security for Mafia-operated strip clubs to generate extra cash, while Kim operates a video store in the local neighborhood. Financial hardship creates added emotional strain and drives husband and wife beyond the point of no return, but disaster strikes when members of Ed and Kim’s family decide to steal cash-filled safes from the couple that just happen to belong to the mafia – and draw a maelstrom of violence that will change the couple’s lives forever.

Best I can do is add a trailer that highlights Stana.  (Rated PG-13 for language). Enjoy!

Just because she is just so badass I had to put in this picture 

And a few more….

And now for the longer preview/trailer.