The sisters are Carolina (Stana Katic), who prefers to be called Carol. She is a lawyer on track to be the youngest judge in King County history, who naturally takes over legal responsibilities. Dallas (Michelle Trachtenberg), is an uptight, schoolteacher on the verge of divorce, and Baltimore (Troian Bellisario), is a free-spirited Harvard grad student. The girls are all daughters from four different marriages, from four men with diverse backgrounds and issues that have paved the paths of these women.

Stana Katic as Carolina “Carol” Baxter Shaw, 37, a lawyer who is on track to being a judge, she is the daughter of Mary and Roger. She is also an alcoholic.

An very good offering, superior to the normal fare offered by LIFETIME, it’s story reels you in and makes you care, especially when Carolina (Stana) and Baltimore. Also a nice twist with Tom Everett Scott playing the old flame