Stana Katic has revealed how she managed to sneak into legendary New York punk-rock club CBGB when she was just 17 years old. 

Entrance to the venerable establishment

The Canadian actress revealed her underage foray into the music world at the Los Angeles premiere of a movie about the club.

The view from the stage

Dressed in a hot pink vintage Versace dress with safety pins on the thigh and shoulder, Castle star Stana said she had no idea how much of a big deal the venue was when she went.

“I got in because a bunch of New Yorker friends invited us when I was studying in Boston, they took us around New York because I had never been there before and I had no idea about CBGB at the time, that it was a rock mecca. This would be around 1995 (some 15-20 years after my time hanging out there). Click on arrow to experience some acts that Stana might have witnessed.

CBGB 1995:

“My friends said don’t use the washroom, everybody knew that but I didn’t because it was my first time in New York City and I remember seeing this wonderful band and thinking to myself ‘Oh my gosh we actually got in’. It was a triumph.”

Washroom at CBGB (from movie pretty authentic)

So just how much did Stana resemble the legendary Genya? You be the judge!

And this is what the DEAD BOYS, the band Genya /Stana produced, sounded like back in the day:

One of my favorites because of Stana and my fond memories of a truly outstanding music outlet.