This week let’s look at a feature made for Canadian TV shortened to a four hour mini-series co-starring the lovely Stana Katic. This was released just a year prior to the advent of Castle and is a glimpse of Stana as a cop before becoming the renowned detective Kate Beckett.

Best friends Patrick (Currie Graham) and Jamie (Ben Bass) are also cousins and cops determined to keep the streets safe and provide for their families. Their relationship suffers when they become entangled in a dangerous mix of mobsters, corruption, drugs and murder. As Jamie’s boss, Patrick often has to cover for him, but their roles are reversed when Patrick falls in with the wrong people. Natasha Henstridge co-stars as Patrick’s wife.

The mini-series garnered very good reviews especially for acting and cinematography. For me, I saw this after CASTLE so image my laughter seeing the following scene in light of how often Kate Beckett gets teased about running in heels!

With that said, here us a compilation of Stana scenes that are terrific! So please, sit back and enjoy! (click on pic of Stana )