TEICH ( This Episode In Castle History) – DREAMWORLD SEPT 30

Continuing from the season premiere episode, Beckett races against time to find a stolen toxin capable of killing tens of thousands of people. To make matters worse, Castle was exposed, leaving him with less than 24 hours to live.

Castle’s been poisoned with a toxin that’ll kill him in 10-12 hours, but thanks to a solid dose of pralidoxime and atropine he won’t be feeling any ill effects until just before he drops dead. So he’s both available and highly motivated to help the secret AG team find out just what exactly Dreamworld is. Beckett’s boss agrees to let him help, but only from within the HQ, which means it’s up to Beckett and TV’s Lisa Edelstein to save the day.

They start by tracking down a reporter who tried to publish an article on Dreamworld that was quashed by the government over national security issues. Bronson (the guy who dropped dead in the previous episode, not the actor) was one of his sources. He didn’t give out a lot of information, but the reporter says that just after he talked to Bronson, the Secretary of Defense called his editor personally, to kill the story. Since they’re already in DC, the agents take a quick jaunt down to the Pentagon to talk to the man himself.

According to the Secretary, Dreamworld is a myth, but if such a place did exist, then allowing an article to be published about it would damage national security. The Secretary’s a reasonable guy, though, and he admits off the record that Bronson ran one mission out of Dreamworld: Killing Al Qaeda’s number two man, Anwar Zawahri. There was talk about a possible response, but it never materialized, unless of course they’re about to kill a bunch of people with the stolen toxin. While everyone else searches for Al Qaeda associates who may be in the area, Castle has what may be his final conversation with his mother and daughter.

The DoD sends over the documents related to the mission, but they’re so heavily redacted that they’re almost useless. Castle manages to find a way to determine that the documents contained the word ‘Valkyrie’ but that doesn’t help since there’s not enough context. Fortunately, the tech agent, Richmond, did a year of work as the CTO at Bagram air base, and he thinks he can get the data from the audio recorder from the F-16 that performed the actual air strike.

They can’t track the guy down, but they can sure bust through his apartment door, looking for the antidote. Since Castle’s damn near dead, he gets to go along. They find blueprints for the office where the toxin was stored as well as press credentials for an event where the Secretary of Defense is giving a speech. At first, they think that’s he’s going there to kill the Secretary, but when they find out he hasn’t checked in at the press desk yet, they realize that he’s going to kill the Secretary’s wife

Castle collapses on the Secretary’s lawn, but Beckett and TV’s Lisa Edelstein manage to capture the reporter and get the antidote in time to save him and the Secretary’s wife. Beckett’s happy that everything turned out all right, but when she finds out that the Secretary’s going to get off scot free, even though he withheld information to cover his own ass, she starts having qualms about the job.

Martha knows something’s wrong because Richard didn’t make any smart-ass quips when they spoke on the phone. The key with lying is to act naturally.

Castle does the whole Dorothy waking up thing in the hospital. Beckett was there and Alexis was there and Martha was there…