THE NOSE. CASTLE season 8 Episode 5



When a priceless work of art is stolen and its transporter murdered, Castle and Beckett must work with the key witness to track down the painting and sniff out the killer.


– Et tu Lucy? Great stuff

– Playing up the jinx factor about the Sargeants  exam

– Ryan with the tiny back seat and continuing to dig a bigger hole with Beckett

– Mia Lazlow =pricelsss

– Castle deftly passing one bottle of bubbly to a uni when he hears Ryan did not pass

– Beckett telling Castle she needed to get the rest of her stuff continuing their separation

– Learned a new word, pheromones

– Nose lineup

– Mia able to tell the painting they recovered was a fake

– Asspo-sito.  Comedic staple that is still funny

– Mia beginning to have fun and get into the investigation.  Her at the high end car place was excellent use of her character

– Castle’s ego takes a beating when Mia fawns over Martha and her performance in Pippin, not to mention her enjoyment of Martha’s dinner.

– Lorenzo showing up at Castle’s loft.  It dramatizes the separation since Castle is forced to admit he can do nothing.

– Castle breaks the “nose”

– Beckett hugging Castle after finding out he was in danger.

– Lorenzo was in on the scam

– With “the Nose” broken, Caskett must resort to their patented crime solving techniques.  And it brings them satisfaction.

– Hayley not able to tell the difference between the forgery and real painting.

– Hayley not telling Beckett what she really does for a living

– Great scene(s) where Mia does a voice over whole Kate packs up but smells (and takes) a Rick shirt and leaves her NYPD tee behind


– Lanie reduced to opening scene? come on we want more Lanie

– Castle farting enough said

– Ryan’s pity party over not passing and failing to give props to Espo

– Ryan and Espo acting like spoiled brats

– using Lucy as a decoy and Lorenzo falling for it, amateur

– The whole scene where Ryan wants Espo to shoot him in the arse,

very bad


– Who eats Kale for breakfast, maybe in an omlette?


– Maybe I am getting soft but my heart went out to Castle when Kate told him she wanted to get the rest of her things from the loft.  The air sure came out of the Castle balloon there.

– interesting that Beckett left behind one of her work out shirts

– Did Kate leave the Loft keys?


Kate Beckett: [opening the passenger door and leaning in to look around] So what do you think? Maybe he was corporate security?
Kevin Ryan: Not with that tiny backseat.
[turning around, Beckett gives him a hard stare] Kevin Ryan: I mean there’s no room for a guy to get in there.
Kate Beckett: You’re very sensitive to smell.
Mia Laszlo: Oh, you should change your name to Captain Obvious. It’s called hyperosmia. Look it up.

Kevin Ryan:  I… accidentally shot him in the gluteus maximus.
Richard Castle: [laughing] In the ass? Well, maybe I should give this to you. I’m sorry, this is so not funny.
Mia Laszlo: [laughing too] You’re right. It’s hilarious.
Richard Castle: [roaring with laughter] It’s hilarious! Come on, Mia, let’s make way for, uh, Crack-Shot Ryan and Assposito

Mia Laszlo: I’ve spent my career manufacturing the aromas of love for perfumes and colognes, but they’re all just forgeries, like that painting. What you and Beckett have, now that’s the genuine article.

Kevin Ryan: Do I smell?
Kate Beckett: What?
Kevin Ryan: Our witness is threatening to file a complaint against me for assault with a deadly odor. Says that I smell like soiled baby diapers and Javi’s cologne is, quote, “Satan’s butt sweat

Kate Beckett: Okay, you both get gold stars for the day if just one of you can tell me what’s going on.

This episode felt like it focused a bit more on Esposito and Ryan as the two have a dispute of their own, As Espo passes the sergeant exam and Ryan doesn’t. To be honest, It was the funniest episode this season and it was a nice change.

I’d say this episode could be in the top 20 of Castle episodes.The episode manages to have some intrigue and be a ton of fun despite the silly Becket and Castle separation thing. The story-lines involve Espo and Ryan getting their results from the Sargeants exams. Espo passes Ryan doesn’t. Jealousy and comedy ensues particularly when Ryan accidentally shoots Espo in the gluteous region, and people start calling Javi Asspazito.

Meanwhile the witness of the murder is a woman with a condition giving her extremely heightened smell. She is comically appalled by every smell. But Castle sees her heightened sense as particularly useful and an excuse for him to get involved in the case with Beckett. At first the Cops can’t stand her relentless disgust toward everyone and every smell. Castle spends much of the episode trying to convince Nosey to leave her apartment and help. She turns out very useful and enjoys helping more and more over time. She is capable of determining a fake Van Gogh due to the oil paint being too wet and able to recall the sent of the killer. They also at one point have a police lineup for sniffing rather than seeing/hearing. There’s a twist for the murderor, like usual. Nsey was also able to reassure Castle that Beckett still loves him because she can smell pheromones. So at least Castle can be a be a bit less desperate moving on.

Overall I enjoy the story-lines of Castle having to develop excuses to be involved with the cases in order to win back Beckett. But I wish the Castle and Beckett tension was due to something a bit more substantial.