When a pool shark is murdered by an unseen force, Castle and Becket uncover evidence that the killer may have paranormal powers. Meanwhile, Castle and Beckett attempt to get their lives back to normal following his disappearance. Meanwhile, Esposito is worried about Ryan’s suspicious behavior.

The episode begins with Castle and Beckett lounging in the author’s living room trying to figure out plans for the evening. When it becomes obvious that they’d like to “stay in for the night” Beckett’s phone rings. Of course it does 😝😝😝

A pool shark named Will Fairwick is found murdered in his apartment. Fats Shepherd, owner of a high end billiards establishment tells Beckett Will “made a deal with the devil” at the proverbial crossroads and with all the windows locked and little evidence to show any signs of forced entry, it leads some to suspect a ghost is at work.

Castle is sure it must be the work of the Devil himself, since before he died Fairwick insisted his magnificent pool abilities were due to a deal he made with the lord of darkness and that now “his time was up and that he was about to lose his soul.”

Rick was particularly cute with his exaggerated sigh of relief when he heard she’d be wearing his special Valentine’s gift later that night. Well, later that night turned out to be a bit optimistic. There was a murder to solve first and it was a doozy. 

As they continue with the investigation, many things come to light, including Will’s unstable background at M.I.T. With his gamer neighbor Henry looking like a prime suspect after clearing out his apartment, things go from weird to spooky in nanoseconds.

Beckett and Castle go to Will’s apartment to get Will’s swipe badge to Greenblatt Insurance but are nearly thwarted by an unseen force. When Beckett is pushed up against a wall and choked, Castle tries to help but instead, sustains a few slaps and punches to the face himself. This “invisible man” is trying to take the swipe badge, but why? And was it a bit early fir Beckett’s Christmas goose?

Back at home, Castle and Beckett try to forget their encounter with the invisible man but can’t seem to shake the feeling they’re being watched. Castle uses his “zombie apocalypse survival camp training” to rig the bedroom with pots and pans on string as a crude alarm system. The only person they catch is Martha. Hilarious!

It always comes down to government conspiracy, doesn’t it? After probing, Beckett and Castle stumble upon a secret military lab working on “quantum engineering.” Apparently, Will was recruited by the government to work on cloaking technology for Dr. Elena Sarkov (Rebecca Wisocky). I wouldn’t want to cross paths with her. She is scary .

Castle and Beckett find Henry hiding out in an underground gaming den!

Will, with his neighbor Henry, worked on the project off site and without Sarkov’s knowledge with his neighbor Henry but soon realized this kind of technology is far too powerful for the government to possess. Will isn’t a stand up guy, by any means. He used his girlfriend Donna’s (Camille Chen) cuttlefish research to help perfect the cloaking on the suit and then stopped calling her. Talk about a booty call gone wrong. Hell hath no fury like a cuttlefish researcher scorned.

Javier discovers a secret about Ryan. Late nights and glitter on his lapel…is Ryan stepping out on his wife? No, he isn’t. How could you think that, Javi? Ryan is working security for male strippers. He needs to make extra money for his baby Sarah Grace’s college tuition.

I nearly choked on my drink when Javi gives Ryan his new uniform…a blue g-string with a security emblem sewn on the front. Then, of course, who could deny the amazing invisible suit Beckett wore to bed giving us a most excellent ending to the show!