The episode opens with a woman who looks like she is levitating off the ground, but, in reality, she is hanging. The victim looks identical to Laine who discovers that the victim was purposefully made to look like her.

Meanwhile back at Casa de Castillo, the lovebirds are making breakfast (only vert Pi inspired) and discuss their upcoming nuptials.

The woman was a street walker who managed to move into a beautiful apartment with the help of an unknown benefactor.

Awkward moment of the night: Esposito interviews Laine about who she has been with besides him. She insists that there hasn’t been anyone and then recalls a night a few months back that she can’t really remember. Laine thinks she may have been drugged. 

Meanwhile Rick and Kate visit the plastic surgeon who did the work on the victim. She compliments Kate, but when Rick asks about himself, she says that he has potential. Ryan calls and lets them know they found the boat that Pam, the victim, was last seen on.

When Ryan and Esposito storm the boat they discover another levitating body. This time it is a doppelganger of Esposito. The victim was a male stripper who was tortured before death.

Laine is completed distraught over the idea of doppelgangers of both her and Esposito being found. They share a great moment before Ryan interrupts. When Ryan and Esposito go to Daniel’s apartment, a woman approaches Esposito thinking he is Daniel. She fills them in on Daniel’s recent change in job although she doesn’t know much about it. She did see Daniel leave in a limo. Kate and Rick track the limo which they discover was hired by the plastic surgeon, Kelly. Rick can’t help but comment, “Well I would say she has amazing potential, as a murderer.”

We learn that Kelly had a physical relationship with Daniel, but she is not sad about him dying. It seems Daniel referred Pam to Kelly. She was overly confident that they wouldn’t find any evidence that she was at the docks. Kelly also says she is being framed.

Kate feels certain that Kelly committed the murders, but Rick isn’t so sure. He offers a scenario and before he can finish, Ryan confirms it couldn’t have been Kelly because her alibi is solid. As the investigation continues they discover video footage of Daniel getting into a car outside of Kelly’s apartment. The man in the car was the security guard at the first crime scene.

As they search for him, Rick continues to consider other options and only one comes to mind. There was an accomplice and for Rick, the only person who would be that good is 3XK.

Kate doesn’t believe it, but as they look further into it, they discover all of the 3XK case files are missing, checked out by Esposito. They also discover all the lab files were checked out by Laine. Only it wasn’t really them who checked out the files. 

Kate, Rick, Esposito, and Ryan head out to bring in Carl, the suspected killer. He is staying at the same hotel where they once kept 3XK as a witness. Rick stays outside to presumably stay safe, but he sees Matt escaping and tackles him, demanding to know where 3XK is. 

Ryan discovers that Kelly knew 3XK when he was in prison and was most likely his girlfriend. When they try to reach Kelly, there is no answer.

Kate offers up the evidence and at first Carl isn’t willing to agree, but after a while he confesses to the murders in an exceptionally creepy way. He is willing to confess to his crimes but won’t own up to knowing 3XK. As Kate and Rick leave the room Carl makes a parting comment that they don’t know what is truly going on.

When they go to her office, they discover she has closed up and left. In her office, they find a note that says better luck next time.

The pen with the note is actually a flashdrive and a song plays, stopping Kate in her tracks.