A murder scene complete with lots of blood, but no victim, and high tech life-extension science are all part of the investigation, as Castle and Beckett try to solve a murder without a body. Meanwhile, Alexis waits to hear news about her application to Stanford.

Witnesses heard shots at 6:40 a.m. and saw a van driving away at 7:00, and the van is traced to a cryonics storage facility. 

The victim was Lester Hamilton, a biology professor who researched life extension techniques. He had a contract with the cryonics company, which meant that he wore a biowatch with a pulse monitor and GPS. The van arrived to collect the body 15 minutes after Hamilton’s pulse stopped.

 A colleague, Philip Boyd, tells them that Hamilton’s office was broken into three days before and his computer smashed. The project was improbably funded by porn mogul Beau Randolph, who has a gun and had a falling out with Hamilton three days earlier, about whether to make the research available online.

Castle and Beckett head to Randolph’s studio, where Castle shocks Beckett by disapproving of the college-aged girls appearing in Randolph’s movies. (He points out that “practically naked women” are a very different issue now that they’re not much older than Alexis.) 

Castle and Beckett have a few cute moments throughout the episode, this one Castle tries (unsuccessfully) to stand up for Beckett to Gates, and Gates nails him to the floor.

Then Beckett, still feeling he way around Gates, calls her out for saying they had the suspect too soon!

Other drama is afoot, as Alexis has a hiccup along her way to perfection, as does not know how to cope with it. Must be really serious if Castle leaves in the middle of the case to help her with it.

Ryan and Esposito find a room in Hamilton’s name set up as an operating room. Hamilton’s wife, colleagues, and students all swear that they know nothing about his tests there, and it turns out that all the DNA is Hamilton’s own – and some of it is from brain matter.

They eventually get permission to take Hamilton’s head, but it’s gone, and security footage shows that Boyd stole it. 

Beckett remembers what Cynthia Hamilton said about one lifetime together not being enough, and she and Castle realize that Cynthia killed her husband to cryonically preserve his brain before it was ravaged by the tumor. Cynthia confesses and then kills herself with a cyanide pill, and Beckett allows the cryonics company to take Cynthia’s body to preserve her with her husband. 

At the end of the episode, Castle asks Beckett if she really believes it’s possible that the Hamiltons will be reunited in the future, and she says “That’s what the great love stories are about, right? Beating the odds?” They then agree that they hope “they” make it, and while the “they” is referring to the Hamiltons, it’s not much of a stretch to apply it to Castle and Beckett as well.