The episode starts with Rick, Beckett, and the others discussing how the girls ended up in Paris. A ransom is requested for Sarah and her father insists that both girls be released.

As Rick and company watch the exchange from the precinct it is clear that Alexis isn’t being released. Rick is distraught and lies to both his mother and Beckett as he travels to Paris to take matters into his own hands.

It seems years of writing crime novels has paid off and Rick has made some friends in the French government. Determined to find his daughter, Rick hires some mercenaries to help him find Alexis.

Meanwhile, Beckett stays in NYC trying to follow the leads left behind by the man who took the girls. Stana Katic has one of her best scenes yet while interrogating the girlfriend of the kidnapper. Beckett is fierce in her search for information on who took Alexis.

Back in Paris Rick’s mercenaries found the place where Alexis was being held but she is gone. While there Henri finds a bug and manages to get the kidnappers to call them. He arranges for an exchange for Alexis and a large sum of money.

Henri double crosses Rick and sells him out to the kidnappers as well. Henri makes the statement that he never would have taken the job had he known who Alexis really was or who actually had her. Rick is confused and the gunmen look like they will kill him but all are taken out by a mysterious gunman. During this Beckett is trying to contact Rick to let him know that Alexis was actually the target.

The gunman finally reveals himself and insists that he is trying to help Rick. He calls himself Jackson Hunt, to which Rick states that sounds fake. Jackson shoots Rick’s phone, afraid he will be tracked by it.

When they return to Jackson’s place Rick notices pictures of Alexis from a young age. He questions Jackson who says it doesn’t matter. Rick is given a clone of his phone and a call comes in from the kidnappers. They took Alexis to get even with Jackson, who has to admit that he is Rick’s father.

Jackson fills Rick in on how he is in intelligence and has been watching him and his family forever. He admits that when Rick was 10 he saw him in the library and gave him a copy of Casino Royale to read. Rick admits that is the book that wanted to make him a writer. The moment is heartfelt and you can see that Castle’s dad really wanted to be there.

Rick and Jackson plan to break into the compound where Alexis is being held. The plan is dangerous and Jackson says he won’t see Rick again. Rick is clearly saddened by this information and is unsure how to take it.

In the end Rick and Alexis escape the bad guys and run to the U.S. Embassy. When they return home Martha and Beckett are waiting for them. Beckett tells Rick never to do anything like that again without her. There is a package waiting for Rick which contains a copy of Casino Royale. In the last shot Rick tells Martha there is something he needs to tell her.

Overall this was an incredibly tense episode filled with action and awesome guest stars. James Brolin as papa Castle was fantastic so let’s hope he and Rick get some more time together soon.