When Jenna McBoyd, a young, gorgeous, up-and-coming model, is found stabbed with a strange object in a fountain, Castle and Beckett are forced to explore the cutthroat world of fashion modeling. Meanwhile, Alexis reconnects with her old babysitter, and Ryan and Esposito discover an amazing secret about Beckett.

They kiss under the jet and it slowly turns off. The young woman screams as she notices Jenna McBoyd’s lifeless body before the water jets turn back on. Lanie tells them that the cause of death was a stab. She had a fatal wound and it could also be a robbery gone wrong. Castle suspects Jenna as a model as she is ‘tall, gorgeous, 10 pounds, underweight and had too much eye makeup. He also lets on she would have been at a club due to the fact that it is fashion week. 

The pair decides to visit Teddy Farrow as he may be able to identify her. Farrow seems to be upset as Jenna was meant to be the face of his campaign. He tells them that he saw her last night and she was agitated which wasn’t unusual for her. 

Castle gets stopped by a young model called Rina. She recognizes him, but he doesn’t remember her, assuming her to be a girl he meets at a random party. She writes her number on his palm and asks him to call her.

Castle returns home with magazines in one hand and a paper bag in the other. Alexis lets him know that the writer loved his book. When he mentions that Martha will say some from stopping him getting ‘puffed’ Alexis tells him she is mourning the death of her career. She got the part of a crazy granny, who dies offstage in act one. Castles phone rings. Alexis tease him about picking up models by listing names. It finally clicks for Castle when Alexis tells him that Katrina was her babysitter. 

Back at the station, Beckett is perturbed with Castle but will not let on why. Meanwhile RYESPO come calling and grill Castle over his latest score.

Back at Fashion Week, Beckett and Castle are investigating further and Castle suggests that Rina might know more tab out what is going on.

Eventually they are joined by Ryan and Espo who are there to deliver not only evidence but to tease both our main characters

With the 411 from Rina, Beckett drags Sierra in for questioning, Sierra being the one who benefited the most from this weeks death. Well if that don’t get Teddy Farrow barging into the station wanting to know what the hell is going on!

After it is all said and done and the killer confessed, we get a taste of the fantastic banter test makes CASTLE special.

And the boys get the last laugh as they figure out why Beckett knew so much about the fashion word. The great detectives they are just called her dad!