A guy skateboards on a foggy night. Another guy cranks up a motorcross bike and takes off after him. The skateboarder hides behind a car and then skates away again with the cycle in pursuit. The biker pulls a gun and shoots the skater who crashes dead through a couple of windows.

Rick has been up all night trying to work up a winning Scrabble word. Turns out Kate has beat him and Martha and Alexis hassle him about how the mighty have fallen. They tell her it’s a great accomplishment since no ever beats him. Rick says he can’t allow this to stand and vows to make one last word for the win.

Kate gets a call and they head to the crime scene where he graciously (😀) admits defeat and asks for a rematch tonight. Javi tells them that Logan, the skater, was shot by the biker. He’s from California and is 21 years old. The only witness was drunk and can’t tell them much. CSU is taking casts of the motorcycle tire prints. They are wondering why Logan was out skating at 3 a.m. and Lanie says he was shot three times. Kevin found a West Village address in his pocket and a key around his neck. Lanie tells her she’s happy with the bridesmaid dress Kate picked out and they hug. The guys come over and grill Lanie on who Rick’s best man will be and she laughs at them thinking it will be one of them.

Kevin tells Javi that Rick will probably pick a famous writer but Javi thinks it will be him. Kevin says he’s the obvious choice. They head to the address and find a beautiful girl that was a friend of Logan’s in LA. They show the girl – Holly – they key and she says it’s not hers. She says he wasn’t crashing with her.

She says he called out of the blue last week and asked if he could mail her a small box of his skateboard tools. Holly says he acted strange when he came to pick the box up and made her swear she hadn’t looked in it. She says she didn’t look. She tells them Logan was in town for some X game type event. Kate says Logan was favored to win at the event. Rick says he was a local kid who went from troubled to epic.

Kevin comes up and tells them that the tire treads were offroads. They wonder if it was another competitor in the games in the motorcross event. Javi says he thinks it’s Manny Castro, a guy that Logan had beaten before and says they had a grudge. Javi says Manny just won the event that Logan was the favorite for and they check out an online video of the two arguing the day before.

Kate and Rick go to the event and she’s wowed. Turns out she knows the lingo. They stroll around until they spot Manny and introduce themselves. He tells them Logan is a loser and they tell him he was murdered. Manny says he didn’t kill him and Kate reminds him that he threatened to kill Logan several times. They said his hotel told them he was out until 5 a.m.

Manny tells them that right before the video argument, he caught Logan ransacking the event office and that it wasn’t even about their sports rivalry. He says he was going to tell Tom Fulton, the guy that runs the festival, but Logan asked him to wait 24 hours and said it was a matter of life and death. Manny says Logan was right about that.

Kate and Rick head into the office to find Tommy Fulton. He tells them he just heard about Logan and he tells them their offices were also broken into. Rick asks if he had any enemies and Tommy says the rivalries were kept on the field. Tommy tells them that his gun is missing. They ask if Logan might have taken it and he says no – says he was on track to be the next Tony Hawk.

Tommy says when Logan came to register for the event, he got a call that seemed to be someone from his former life in New York asking for a favor. He says Logan was pretty shook up.

At the station, Kate says Manny’s alibi checks out and says that none of the other skaters know anything about him being with any bad influence. Javi says Logan got some calls from a social club in the Bronx known to be a hangout for the Albanian mob. They wonder if that was the issue. Kevin pulled his financials and found out Logan was hanging out with a trust fund kid named Ross.

Kate and Rick head over there and Ross flirts with Kate and invites her to his birthday party the next day. They ask about Logan and he says he asked to crash so he let him. He says he wasn’t keeping track of where he was though. Rick asks about the Albanian mob and that strikes a chord. Ross says Enver was an Albanian guy that Logan’s mom dated and Logan helped get him sent to jail and the guy swore vengeance on him.

Kevin says Logan’s mom may have been cooperating with Enver. She got even more time in jail than Enver did and, coincidentally, Enver just got out of jail and has been hanging out at the social club that was on Logan’s caller ID. They bring Enver in and he tells them he didn’t do anything to Logan. They ask where he was last night and he doesn’t answer. They ran his credit cards and found out he was at a diner and Logan met him there.

Enver says he’s in the program and part of that is making amends. He says he called over and over to offer the kid an apology. Logan told him he would see him if he would give him three grand. Enver says Logan had a gun on him when they met. He says he apologized to Logan and told him he would try and get his mom out of jail. Logan said he had to take care of something before it was too late and left.

Javi gives Rick a nice pen he knew he wanted. Kevin gives Rick a recipe for Shepherd’s pie and tells him he thinks of him as family. They are both vying for best man status.


The doorman at Ross’s place says Logan came back after the diner but then left again with a heavy black duffel bag and that he rode away on his skateboard and refused a taxi. The bag wasn’t found at the crime scene. Kate says she’s tired and ready to go home and Rick says he hopes she’s not too tired to rematch him.

Kate asks if there are more important things to him than winning and offers him sex instead. He tells her to hurry up and finish the game and she tries to concede. He won’t let her because he’s way ahead. But then she slaps down the word Quixotic and scores enough to take her past him. She tells him she’s sorry. He’s stunned and says he needs to be alone.

Next day, Javi tells Kevin that Rick shouldn’t have to pick between them and one of them should gracefully drop out. He wants Kevin to drop out and says he would plan a lame bachelor party. Kevin says he photographs better than Javi who tells him he’s going down. It’s on. Castle comes in and Kevin asks if Kate won again – Rick doesn’t want to talk about it. They tell Rick and Kate the key was from a gym locker and that Logan was there right before he was killed. He swiped his card and they think he may have dropped the bag there.

A girl shows them his locker and says they have security video they can get for them. They find the bag and in it is climbing gear, tools, a glass cutter, tension tools and likely the gun he took from Tommy. Looks like he was a skater and a thief.

Rick tells Kate that he may have been a master thief – outlaw skater turned actual outlaw. Kate says they found nothing of value on him. Kevin says there was a receipt in the bag for a high 8 camcorder. They wonder why he bought tech that’s so outdated. Javi calls them to see the security footage at the gym. They show another guy, not Logan, swiping the card at the gym. The guy’s name is Carter and he’s a motorcross rider just like the killer.

Carter is brought in and says he went to the gym because he couldn’t sleep. He says Logan loaned him his card so he could work out. Kate tells him they know he dropped off the duffel bag he got from Logan. Rick watches the interrogation and Kevin brings him a coffee and asks about the wedding plans. He asks if there’s anything he can do to help to let him know. Rick says he will. Kevin lurks and Rick stares at him curiously.

Javi tells Carter he thinks he and Logan did a job together and had a falling out. Kate tells him that with his record, this is going to be a slam dunk. He says the last time he saw Logan, he was alive. He says that Logan hired him for a job. He says it was a B&E and that Logan gave him three grand to help him get into an office. Carter says he stayed on the roof while Logan went into the office. Kate asks if he had a camcorder and Carter says it was gone from the bag after he sent it back. Logan told him it wasn’t about money but making things right for a friend who died. Carter has no idea who the friend is.

Rick says Logan came back not for the event, but to commit the burglary. Javi says he’ll poke around and find out about any dead friends. He asks Rick if he wants to come along to the event and get some bacon brownies. Rick is interested. Kevin says the office that was broken into was a law office but the break in wasn’t reported to the police. Rick tells Javi he’ll take a rain check and he and Kate take off.

They come into the law office and notice the window being replaced. Brett the lawyer says no one broke in and says a bird damaged the window. They show him the photo of Logan and he says he doesn’t know him. They ask to look around and he says no thanks. He tells Kate to get a subpoena to question him or a warrant to look around. Otherwise, he says, you need to leave. They do.

Kate says the lawyer is covering something up. Rick agrees and says Logan may be like Erin Brokovitch righting wrongs but with a skateboard instead of boobs. Kate asks Kevin to check Brett’s law firm for links to Logan. Javi says that no one at the event knows anything about dead friends. Kate says they need to go talk to his mom in jail. Rick tells the guys he knows what they’re trying to do and tells them to stop acting weird because they’re making it harder.

The guys come to see Lanie and tell her she needs to pick the best of the two of them to be the best man. Kevin thinks she would pick Javi automatically and she tells them they’re idiots and that she won’t pick since she’s not the groom. They say there has to be another way to decide.

Kate and Rick go see Logan’s mom. She says she keeps hoping it was a mistake. She says she lost him a long time ago. They ask her about a friend of his that died under unusual circumstances and that it may have to do with Logan’s death. She tells them about Jay – a scrawny kid from the neighborhood – that was his friend. She says Logan told her that Jay was even better at the board than him. She says the cops never figured out who killed Jay and that Logan took it hard.

Javi says Jay was 12 when he died of blunt force trauma and was found at a construction site. They try to figure out how looking for his killer would have a time limit. They want to talk to Jay’s parents. Kevin comes in with the missing camera and they can see that it was shot by a bullet when Logan was.

Rick says that Logan wanted the older machine to play an older tape. The tape was ripped out but a segment was left inside when the killer yanked it out. The police tech says she salvaged about six seconds of footage and it was dated the day Jay died. It shows the construction site and it’s Tommy – the event coordinator – fighting with Logan and saying if you tell anyone what happened to Jay, you’ll be dead too.

Kate thinks the tape was in the law office and Kevin tells them Brett is Tommy’s lawyer and does the legal work for the event. They bring in Tommy and Brett and show them the tape. Kate tells Tommy that she has evidence that he killed Logan to cover up what happened to Jay. Kate threatens Brett with disbarment for hiding evidence. Brett tells Tommy to shut up.

Kate tells Brett to leave and he says she can’t since he’s Tommy’s lawyer. Tommy fires him and Kate tells Brett to get out or be dragged out. He goes. Tommy tells them that he started out making skateboard videos with Jay, Logan and another kid named DK. He says Jay was a natural but the other kid that was there – DK – couldn’t do the moves Jay could. He says Jay was mouthing off to DK and DK slammed Jay against a beam again and again and that Jay was gone by the time they could pull him off of Jay.

He says Logan wanted to tell someone, but they were all too scared. He says DK wanted the video because he had the most to lose. He says they cut a deal – DK gave them $5 million for the tape. Rick says it must have been in a trust fund and Logan knew Tommy was going to hand over the tape soon when DK turned 21 and got his money to buy the tape from them. Logan knew he had to get it before Ross got it and destroyed it. They head to Ross’ place and Kate arrests him for murdering Jay and Logan. They tell him sorry to ruin your birthday.

Ross says they have no proof and they tell him they’re searching his place for the gun and his garage to compare the tire treads to the bike that killed Logan. He tries to run but some unis catch him. Rick says all of this happened because Ross (aka DK) couldn’t take being second best. Kate says that sounds like Rick and Scrabble. The guys come and ask Rick to have a man chat. Kate leaves them alone.

They tell Rick they talked it over and he doesn’t have to choose. They tell him they decided to be co-best men. Rick tells them he’s flattered and honored but he already decided. They start arguing over which of them he chose and Rick says he asked Alexis to be his best man because she’s so important to him. He asks them to be his groomsmen. They say they can’t believe they tried to bribe him and that they got beat by a girl.

At home, Kate asks if Martha is gone and challenges him to a rematch. But she wants to play poker – strip poker. Later, they are down to her bra and his shirt and he tells her this is so much better than Scrabble. She kisses him and agrees.