Castle overhears Alexis’s phone call and she’s keeping something from him which he won’t like.  A DB lands on a couple’s car, turning out ot be ADA Jack Buckley.  The Captain is at the CS and the Mayor wants it solved.  Beckett asks if she hasn’t taken Castle away from something, or someone? He says he’s “a cool dad.” Esposito says there was a fight and Ryan finds his belongings on the roof.  Castle likens the murder to Cape Fear (1991).

The women at work mention Buckley’s casefiles which Castle thinks will prove to contain a goldmine of suspects.  Scarlett appears to be upset and they recall a man being brought to the office in handcuffs, a Johnny Knox He has an alibi, his AA sponsor is a reverend.  That was convenient.  Johnny wonders about Castle and Castle asks if he works out.  Oh finally someone who hasn’t heard of Castle.

Ryan doesn’t get any leads from forensics but Buckley used to take the subway home, so why did he end up in a garage?  Someone was following Buckley and they have a surveillance camera photo.  The reverend was shifty looking anyway and there’s a reason why they didn’t show him being questioned.  Castle recognizes the man from the photo since he was in Buckley’s casefile. Norman Jessop.  Castle knew “his file would solve this case.”  Ryan comments on Castle’s Robert Di Niro send up.

Castle and Beckett go to a bar to apprehend Norman and she doesn’t want to get involved in the bar fight since she doesn’t want to be hit, which is no surprise as this happens to Castle.  He adds he was in a bar fight once (yeah most likley in Firefly.)

 Beckett replies she’s not Castle’s girlfriend, we’re back to those comments this week.  Norman recalls Buckley argued with an Asian man in front of a building and he doesn’t want to go back to prison.  Norman isn’t a ‘wordsmith.’

He rides with Beckett and Castle to find the location of the building and he can get out of his handcuffs which fascinates Castle, well something had to.  Locksmith School turned him down on account of him being a felon.  Beckett is mean to him and Castle agrees.  Norman shows Castle how to remove the cuffs.  Alexis calls Beckett to ask her advice and if she wanted to talk to Castle, why would she call him on Beckett’s phone?  Beckett admits keeping secrets from her father.

The Asian man is Paul Cho (oh great, now we’re even getting Mentalist names in here.  He was Buckley’s ex brother-in-law.  Castle thinks of Family Feud. Cho has a penchant for call girls and calls a number.  The girl comes to him.  Cho was attacked by a man in a mask who warned him off Danton.  Castle wants the girl to wear sexy clothes, since there’s no reason why they can’t enjoy the interview.  Castle positvely salivating when he sees her.  It’s Scarlett.  “Did she look like that before?”

Buckley was a client and helped her get a job at the office as an Intern.  She doesn’t know Danton. My qualm, she has to know who Danton is especially I as she doesn’t maintain eye contact when answering this.  Castle ponders why Buckley would investigate a call girl service he was using? Oh and Castle’s outburst at seeing her probably gave her the idea to use him.

Castle drops the charges against Norman. He likes him.  Castle then talks to Scarlett who gives him some sob story about being poor and alone in the big city.  Castle asks “What’s a nice girl like you…?”  He’s old fashioned.  She got into this line of work cos of a friend.

Castle then asks Martha about Alexis’s secret and she’s probably talking to Beckett cos women talk to other women.  Castle is aware of this as his depth of female characters was praised by the New York Times.  He should ask Alexis but he doesn’t when she returns home.  Martha comments Alexis has more Rick Castle in her and he doesn’t like that.

Ryan and Esposito give Castle more cause to worry over Alexis.  Castle thinks this case isn’t just about money.  Beckett believes Buckley wasn’t the boss anymore and Scarlett had to have known about Danton.  Scarlett names Johnny after Beckett promises to protect her.  Thing is Scarlett lied once so there’s nothing to prevent her from doing it again.  Buckley is dead so she can say whatever she likes and no one will question it.  Castle knows Scarlett is capable of making it on her own, another clue here, cos she just has.  He thinks this is a great story for a book.  Johnny has an alibi.

Scarlett turns up at Castle’s beaten up.  She gives him a photo of the reverend with her, thus breaking Johnny’s alibi.  Castle is nice to all beautiful women who turn up on his doorstep and she just plays him again, after kissing him.  Beckett is angry Castle didn’t call her.  Nor did he tell her about the snog.  Johnny was surveilled, again a clue.  Castle finds Scarlett is misisng from the hospital.  Johnny was under surveillance so he couldn’t have beaten her. 

Out comes the Writer’s vest again for Castle.  Scarlett shoots Johnny and she’ll get off with self-defence.  Beckett is wearing a Castle shirt, well it was similar to his.  Norman sees the lock in the CS photos from Johhny’s place and notices the dead bolt was open.  Beckett doens’t want to write him a letter of recommendation for the locksmith school. Castle calls Scarlett, he got the number from  apublsiher friend.  Buckley needed Scarlett to run the service. Strangely Scarlett doesn’t recognize Castle’s voice when he calls her. 

Alexis wanted to go on a French exchange student programme but decided against it and wanted Beckett’s advice cos she’d been on one.  There’s always Oxford for her choice of Unis, which worries Castle.