While the team investigates the murder of a toy company CEO, Castle uncovers a lead to his mysterious disappearance, launching him into a dangerous investigation of his own.

Castle got ambushed during an interview for the release of his latest Nikki Heat novel Raging Heat. (FYI, I just started reading mine and it’s great fun!). The interviewer asked all of the questions Castle would be hit with in real life. Was this just a publicity stunt to boost book sales? 

In response, Rick offered a $250,000 reward for information about the time he was missing. Like all reward offers, it had its downside and Captain Gates was furious at having her precinct used as Richard Castle’s secretary. Kudos to Castle for cutting off her tirade with one serious kiss. It was the look between Gates and Beckett that made me laugh. 

I appreciated that Rick was constantly realizing how much he’s put everyone through, intentionally or not. That Wally’s widow spent just a couple of nights worrying about her husband where Beckett spent two months not knowing what had happened to him. But in Kate’s point of view she’s the lucky one because he came home

The bounty put out by Castle turned out the crazies, especially this one who I think Castle would have engaged with if it weren’t for being abducted.

Castle is pretty sure it was a mistake to go with a bounty/reward and complains to Beckett about it. But hey, he does have a murder to assist on! Oh yea, Lanie and Espo are an item again!

And it is at a Toy store/warehouse! It makes me think Castle would have been great in the Tom Hanks role in BIG!

Still nothing was the same. Kate confided in Lanie that there seemed to be this shadow between them and it sounded as though deep down, she still had questions about his disappearance and his role in it.

Ryan is worrying about making ends meet with the new baby and Jenny out of work. I had to laugh when Esposito practically leered and said that a rent-a-cop uniform would look good on him. 

One of my favorite moments was Castle trying to convince Beckett to let him go to Montreal without her as he begged. At least Kate made Alexis promise not to let him do anything stupid and as Castle said…”It’s Canada. How risky could it be?

Will what happens in Montreal, stay in Montreal? Well I bet that will depend on the contents of the safe deposit box.

Back from Montreal, Castle shows Beckett the contents of the thumb drive they found and if that don’t send chills up your spine…

I couldn’t believe that Castle went back to Montreal alone after all that’s happened to him…and yet I could. He needed answers. At least he thinks he does. Henry Jenkins told him he didn’t really want them.

When the dust settles and Castle is admonished for his rash actions, he and Beckett have a heart to heart chat and she feels the need to hit the reset button, get some space from this ordeal and find the common footing again,