The episode starts with Martha and Alexis teasing Castle about his first romantic weekend with Beckett. The pair intends to go to the Hamptons, where they plan to relax and spend some quality time together under the radar.

Last minute packing is less of a worry to Richard Castle than last minute nagging from his mother and daughter. Beckett sits in front of her computer counting down the seconds until five o’clock when she can leave with the mysteriously appearing Castle. At which time he hears from Ryan and Esposito that Beckett has a boyfriend, is going away with him, and has told them nothing about him and proceeds to nag her for the details about….himself.

Ryan and Espo wonder what sort of man she wouldn’t tell them about and decide to use their time to find out who she’s dating. With that and the impeding murder, I predict by the end of the episode their romance will have two more conspirators.

Arriving, Beckett teases Castle about the house and then he shows her around the first floor and describes the remodeling it while she gets distracted by the…hallway. He guides her outside to the quote “serenity” of his backyard and she’s taken by the splendor of it all. Kate finally admits that she’s a little jealous of the other women who might have been there before her but as Castle points out, “None of them were you.”

Later that night they decide to go for a swim where Rick learns she forgot her swimsuit. His well deserved ogling of her is cut short when a man comes stumbling into his backyard. And drops dead into the pool.

The local police arrive to question them about the man. The cop in question seems to think our girl is a hooker. Mistake number one. Mistake number two is that he assumes she knows nothing about her true profession, leading Castle to find more out by questioning the cop until he questions the man’s iffy judgment and nearly gets hauled in himself.

Castle wants to investigate but Kate wants to relax not to have a case ruin her weekend. She proposed a temping way to put the whole thing out of their minds but Castle still can’t stop thinking about the meth head he feels was wrongly arrested. The last time the vic, Franklin, was seen alive was two hours before his death. 

Back in NYC, Ryan and Espo interrogate a less than happy Lanie who kicks them out of her morgue by saying it’s none of their business which it isn’t. She does strike one potential name off their list and then Rick’s phone call comes thru. Nathan says the title after asking if they were afraid of Beckett. The answer was no and “How’s Beckett going to find out?” She nearly gets the phone before Castle intercedes.

The wife tells the boys in New York that Franklin had a girlfriend. Castle checks the e-vite in Franklin’s e-mail and finds out they likely met at a bar which they then go to. Castle’s “light” interrogation leads to another reaming by local PD who openly calls Beckett a hooker this time before arresting them. 

While in lockup Beckett says she can’t believe that Castle talked her into investigating another precinct’s murder. Incompetent cop admits he Googled Beckett, apologizes, tells them of his lack of experience namely no murders ever, and offers to drop the charges if they work the case.

To Kate’s protestations, they agree. First thing she asks is for ballistics, a 30 caliber bullet, then she asks for the coroner’s report which hasn’t gotten back. Then Kate asks about Natasha which Chief Brady didn’t even realize was having an affair with the deceased. In interrogation Natasha tells them that they were arguing up until Franklin got a text and had to leave. 

Ryan and Espo investigate the text, private and postulate another suitor for Beckett which Castle shoots down. Before suggesting that they are…. Katic…..Rikate…. Caskett! It fits with their whole murder thing and besides is what the fans called them anyways.

The chief tells them that the coroner found evidence of Franklin being in the water for a long time before reaching shore. They didn’t hear the shot because it happened out at sea. Waking up the meth addict they get a lead to a boat with a red shark on it. Leaning over the side, Beckett finds blood then the owner steps on deck. “Hey Learner, killer boat.”

Back in the interview room they inform the owner of the boat of the blood they found and he says he not only didn’t take it out last night, the boat didn’t leave the dock. His alibi? A weight loss group. But the theory he suggests is the neighbor.

The neighbor turns out to be some big mobster who has wanted to meet Castle for a long time, so why not now? Despite the chief’s insistence that they don’t contact Vinny the Scar, they invite him over and cook for him while conducting a low-key interrogation. Vinny tells them he wanted to kill Franklin and is offended at the accusation he did because if he had, the body would have never been found. Then the mobster stalks out angrily.  

Beckett asks about his concept of romantic and Castle points out that they met because of a murder. The chief is pissed that they talked to the mobster and kicks them off the case.

Back in New York, Ryan and Espo find out Franklin’s real estate holdings that were supposedly keeping him afloat were actually losing money so they go to investigate and find a meth lab. Apparenly all of his holdings were meth labs. And just as things start to get romantic again, Kate’s the one who can’t keep her mind off the case and determines that his late night helicoptering had to do with the meth lab. 

Ryan and Espo investigate the neighbor in and he spills a description of Beckett as Castle’s girlfriend before naming her. Ryan: “Son of a–”

Ryan calls Castle with the information that the boat owner was Franklin’s partner in crime and that Leaner told him everything before wishing Castle good luck with his writing. The chief appears to inform them that the meth addict coughed up the name of the local meth dealer and thanks them for their resources in New York and that he’d be “honored” if they came to the arrest. Weird. The cabin is secured and they find meth and the murder weapon. The knot gives away that Bently has been framed by one of the arresting officers just when I was thinking that the chief might actually have a brain. He might not have a brain but he does take the man down with a single shot. Apparently it only takes $500 to ruin a man’s life. 

Beckett raises a glass in toast to chief Brady who’s still in a little bit of awe that he shot the bad guy. He then leaves to go find a new deputy and Caskett go to have sex.

Ryan still hasn’t told Epso back at the station and instead suggests dropping their fake investigation which Ryan isn’t keen on. 

Castle thinks he has the plot to his latest book but doesn’t have an ending until lovely Kate suggests one and then asks for a writer’s credit.